Become a magnet when you speak.

Ready to step into a bigger spotlight this year and accelerate your business while doing it?


Bring your brand to life through your speaking

Building a personal brand and business is a beautiful thing. But to be wildly successful and serve the people you want to serve, you need to be visible and establish authority.

And that’s HARD. Like, kinda scary hard. It means putting yourself out there and being able to deliver your message and sell yourself in a way that’s clear, captivating and influential.  

If you’ve been putting off speaking at conferences & showing up to Facebook Lives - or if you’ve been half-assing the talks you have been doing -  it’s time to bite the bullet.

Wipe that terrified look off your face. I can help.

Hi, I’m Heather Sager 

I help busy entrepreneurs structure their ideas, clarify their message and hone their speaking skills so they deliver knockout live presentations, videos and - workshops and sell their stuff

Over the past 15 years I’ve delivered 1000 presentations and helped hundreds of 6 and 7-figure business owners and their teams elevate their communication skills. 

Here’s what I learned: communicating in a way that connects with others makes a HUGE difference in building relationships and inspiring action. And that makes all the difference in growing a successful business.


“Damn girl, that sounded good!”

Yep, that’s what your audience will be saying. And it won’t be just your mom or your kids.

Let’s get working on your message, your tone of voice, your body language and your confidence in front of others. 

Take the Next Step

Learn how to best leverage speaking to grow your online business. In this training you'll finally understand why your talks lead to praise, but not results. Find out which virtual stages are right for you and which ones are just a vanity metric.


Top Rated Podcast

Listen in to my weekly show to learn to make your voice become your best brand asset. Each episode is filled with practical strategies, relevant interviews and all around juicy tips to help you accelerate your influence authentically. 


Work with Me

Take your business to the next level with one on one or group coaching. When you learn the stage skills of pro speakers, you can infuse magnetic communication into your whole business to bring your brand to life and attract your perfect audience.


A few things I’ve done for past clients 

  • Coached a client to nail her virtual keynote on Amy Porterfield's stage.
  • Helped a business owner craft his opening talk for his very own industry event.
  • Coached a client through debilitating stage fright so she could deliver a 90 minute workshop to 80 business owners (and went on to speak on the 10x Ladies stage)
  • Developed a strategy for how to show up weekly on camera which resulted in increasing a client’s audience engagement and growing her list.

Raise your hand if the thought of putting yourself out there terrifies you.

I get it. But guess what? You can’t grow your business if you don’t push yourself out of that zone of fuzzy caterpillar comfort and launch into the colorful life of a FREAKING BUTTERFLY.

Get the tools. Learn the skills. Do the work. Become the butterfly. 

She's in there. And she's been waiting.

Join the growing celebrity client roster alongside Natalie Workman, Tyler J. McCall, Tarzan Kay, Brittany Krystle, Zafira Rajan, Tasha Cochran and more...

Work With Me

"Heather offered me sound advice as I prepared for my first large speaking engagement. After listening to her videos ALL DAY long I went on stage (still scared but equipped) and delivered a presentation. Was it perfect? No. Was it epic? No. Did I die? NO!! Did I come off stage with newfound skills and confidence? HECK TO THE YES! Words cannot describe how amazing it felt."

Korina Buehrer


"Heather gave me total self-confidence in my ability to deliver the content we had planned and structured. This program was a game-changer for me because it allowed me to speak in a way that represented the quality of work that I do. Heather’s knowledge and delivery made me realize she’s a true professional."

Natalie Workman

""I developed a lot of confidence after working with Heather. She helped me reorganize what was in my head and gave me guidance that has changed my life. I made an awesome presentation that had people laughing and engaged. I even had 8 or 9 people waiting in line to talk to me afterward and I have another offer to speak!"

Jacquie Elcox  


How to Attract Dream Clients Through Speaking

The ultimate free training to help you nail your message on podcasts, live streams and other virtual stages WITHOUT second guessing yourself or your content

In this training you'll learn:

  • exactly why your presentations are leading to praise, but not results.

  • my proven process for creating magnetic talks that attract your ideal client.

  • a scalable strategy for quickly warming cold leads while positioning yourself as the go-to authority


Get ready to step into the spotlight this year and become a known authority


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