How to Attract Dream Clients Through Speaking

The ultimate free training to help you nail your message on podcasts, live streams and other virtual stages WITHOUT second guessing yourself or your content

Inside this actionable training, you'll learn:
  • exactly why your presentations are leading to praise, but not results.
  • my proven process for creating magnetic talks that attract your ideal client.
  • a scalable strategy for quickly warming cold leads while positioning yourself as the go-to authority

Here’s why not speaking to audiences regularly (and in the right way) is costing you big time:

Every day, THOUSANDS of your perfect customers tune into social media, consuming more hours of content than their screen time limit allows.

All while others in your exact stage of business speak as guest experts on podcasts, inside virtual summits and masterminds and live on conference stages (remember those?) — scooping up new email list subscribers with every appearance.

Question is…

Why isn't it YOU they're listening to?

The rate at which your business accelerates over the next 12 months rests completely on your answer to that question.

Join me for this free training to learn exactly how to do this for yourself, even if your audience is small (I filled my first group coaching program with an email list of 150 and took it to 6 figures with a list under 1,000).
And even if you're terrified of public speaking (the antidote of fear is action, let this be your first move. Don't sell yourself short before you've tried).


Hey, I'm Heather!

I help online business owners attract their dream clients like a magnet on live video, podcasts and guest speaking gigs without overthinking, getting tongue tied or sounding like everyone else.

I've had the honor of coaching rising influencers like Brittany Krystle, Tarzan Kay, Tasha Cochran, Natalie Workman, Tyler J. McCall, Zafira Rajan and more on their big onstage moments.

And now I want to teach YOU how to not just captivate an audience, but convert them into loyal fans who buy your programs.

Learn how inside this free training.  See you there,