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How To Be More Authentic with Your Communication - Ep #01


The secret to being authentic, is knowing exactly who you are and who you’re not. 

In this episode, I’m sharing 4 questions (plus a heck of a lot more) that will help you craft your brand persona so that you can make big strides in becoming a more magnetic communicator. 

Maybe you have a live presentation coming up or you're wanting to get better on camera. Or maybe you want to be more compelling and increase your conversion rates in your sales conversations. 

You can't make real progress in those areas until you’re clear on how you want others to perceive you-- here’s why. If you start trying to acquire those skills without having clarity on your brand persona, when you start learning from and modeling others, that modeling will quickly turn into mimicry. And soon enough you’ll be a tapestry of other people. It feels inauthentic. Show up as yourself (the ONE thing that makes your brand unique) by exploring some key questions to bring your brand to life. 


Do you have a live presentation coming up? 

Creating a slide deck and coming up with engaging stories can be stressful enough, not leaving you much time for the *other* stuff.

Questions for your meeting planner? The thing most presenters miss. Avoiding onsite hiccups? Get my 10 Must Ask Questions Before Taking the Stage

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