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Mastering Your Money with Guest Meg Wheeler - Ep #10


Whether you’re just getting started as a business owner or you’ve been at it for years, it’s essential to have a firm grasp on the machine that fuels your business— money.

Today’s special guest, Meg Wheeler, is a business and financial coach who teaches coaches, consultants and creatives how to run financially fit businesses. She’s sharing with us her 3 Money Principles AND seven pro tips for staying on track.

This episode is filled with gold. By the time we finish, you’ll have a firm grasp on exactly what you need to be doing to create (or rebuild) a solid financial foundation. 

As Meg says, “the way that you treat your business and the way that you put your business out in the world is how other people are going to treat your business.” Give your business the attention it deserves and learn what your relationship with money has to do with you becoming more magnetic.

Take Action:

Consider Meg’s 7 tips. Which one needs your attention immediately? Schedule a time this week to make it happen.

Highlights from this Episode:

(04:31) whether or not you should be focusing on the money stuff in your business actually has nothing to do with whether or not you're making money.

(10:06) If you can bring on an accountant, great, but even if you are able to bring someone at, you've got to understand this stuff yourself because you're still the business owner.

Links Mentioned:

// Meg’s Website: Megkwheeler.com

// Biz Money Blueprint Course: Bizmoneyblueprint.com 

// Money Meetings Toolkit: Megkwheeler.com/toolkit

// Connect with Meg on Instagram: @megkwheeler

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