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Unlock Your Natural Talents Using the Enneagram with Melissa Koehler - Ep #12

guest expert interviews personal development / mindset Mar 25, 2020

Want to know the real secret to finding your IT FACTOR? It’s being YOU.

The more we understand ourselves, the more authentic we can be. If you are consuming other people’s content online and find yourself modeling their way of speaking, posting or just doing business, it especially important for you to understand your specific strengths and tendencies so that you show up as YOU.

Today’s guest, Melissa Koehler is sharing with us all about the Enneagram --a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people conceptualize the world and manage their emotions.

Melissa is a Small Business Strategist and serial entrepreneur who started her first business in 2001. From stationery design, to scrapbooking, to professional photography, she’s self-taught her way to success on her own terms. Today she’s the founder of a multi-million dollar consultancy that helps creative entrepreneurs turn their passions into a sustainable living. With her background in Enneagram personality types, Melissa shows fellow creatives how to build lovable brands by owning who they are, and differentiate their products and services in the marketplace. She believes in pizza, Jesus, and that when women are empowered, everyone wins. 

Now, even if you think you know about the Enneagram, you won’t want to miss Melissa’s perspective.. Get ready to learn how to leverage your natural talents.  

Links Mentioned:

// Cliff Notes Version of the Enneagram – Melissa’s PDF:

// Enneagram Institute Test ($12)

// The Road Back to You by Ian Chron and Susanne Stabile

// The Path Between Us by Suzanne Stabile

// Learn all about the resources that Melissa has to offer by checking out her website at

// Connect with Melissa on Instagram @mkoehler

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