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Cara Chace: Creating Evergreen Traffic with Pinterest - Ep #125

guest expert interviews online business tools & resources Nov 29, 2021
Cara Chace: Creating Evergreen Traffic with Pinterest The Heather Sager Show Podcast Episode

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I use Pinterest to save recipes, holiday décor ideas and design inspiration, so whenever I hear someone preach “you should be using Pinterest for business”, I roll my eyes thinking, “who searches for business content on that platform”? 

Turns out, a lot of people directly on the platform and indirectly through Google (which pulls straight from Pinterest).

If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, drop everything and listen to this conversation with Pinterest Pro, Cara Chace, who helped me understand Pinterest as an evergreen traffic source— versus the daily turn of social media.

As the creator of Pin Power Method, Cara teaches entrepreneurs how to use Pinterest effectively in their business and in this episode she shares how you can put Pinterest to use for your online business without spending countless hours each week.

Cara also has an amazing free masterclass (which after this interview I worked with her on creating)! Learn How to Triple Your Traffic From Pinterest WITHOUT Adding More Marketing To Your To-Do List right here. 

Episode Highlight:

  • How Cara went from being a special agent to Pinterest guru
  • Pinterest isn’t a social network (and why that makes it great)
  • Reason why people have trouble sticking with Pinterest
  • Why you need to start using Pinterest for your business and how to use this to drive evergreen traffic to your website 
  • How much time you need to carve out to see results
  • Plus time management and productivity tips  to create space to help you move forward your business 


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About my guest, Cara Chace

Cara is the creator of Pin Power Method and Work Better Live Well - a brand that reflects her passion: showing women how to navigate life priorities while building a business.

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Learn How to Triple Your Traffic From Pinterest WITHOUT Adding More Marketing To Your To-Do List. Watch Cara’s FREE Masterclass here.


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