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Your Perception of Fluffy Content Is Sabotaging Sales -Ep #131

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The Heather Sager Show Episode Card - Your Perception of Fluffy Content is Sabotaging Sales


In an effort to be more concrete, more valuable and stand out from the “fluffy crap” online, far too many struggling entrepreneurs focus on packing “how to” content into their marketing. 

It makes sense, on the surface, we’re all tired of the fluffy training disguised as “mindset” work, so we set out to share tangible, practical information that can truly serve our ideal customers.

But I don’t have to tell you that a plethora of free, “how to” content already exists on the internet.  So if your audience truly wanted that information, they’d have it by now.

So the question is: if “how to” content isn’t the answer, but neither is the fluffy stuff…how do you attract clients with your content?

The answer? INFLUENCE. You must gain their buy-in to your ideas aka your content. And in this episode I’m tackling 3 ways you can do so using elements from my Influence Framework. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights & Key Takeaways (full transcript below):

  • How your perception of “fluffy” content is clouding your creation of effective content
  • Influence is about shifting your audience's thinking with your content
  • The effective way to approach how-to content (tips, tactics, strategies)
  • 3 ways to increase your Influence and create buy-in for your Ideas 


My 3 Influence Model to Help You Get People Buy-in for Your Ideas

1. Create context.

 If I had to give you one simple thing that you can do differently, a baby nugget step that you can take away and quickly put into action is this: CREATE CONTEXT 

 Provoke people's thinking by providing context around why people should do the thing you’re talking about. When you communicate you must shift how they see their problem or the context around the solution to give them a compelling reason for why. They need to realize why this matters to them.

2. Unpack the invisible knowledge you have (aka share the thinking that lead to the tip / strategy / advice)

  When we give someone a tip or share our how-to content, we assume that it's a common knowledge for everyone because it's ingrained in our head and we don't even think twice about it but it's not.

 Often than not what happens is we are not giving ourselves enough credit for how we  got these recommendations or came up with these things. 

 That's why I recommend that you start asking yourself what was the thinking that you had which led you to this piece of content. And then I want you to pivot and make your content about that. If you start teaching a little bit more about your thinking you will influence the thinking of others.

3. Simplify things.

  This is an easy one. The next time you do your content, give yourself an honest time to think how you can make it a little simpler. I want you to start challenging yourself by saying how can I simplify things?

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