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The #1 Ingredient of ANY Successful Launch - Ep #134

When you sell online courses or coaching programs, you can outsource a lot of the tasks in your business– from your sales page to your emails, even your content creation! But there is ONE thing that cannot be outsourced for personal brand based businesses and how you approach this one thing will make or break your launch. 

You cannot outsource your verbal communication with your ideal customer.

Whether that’s on a live stream during a challenge launch, a webinar or workshop series, your ability to communicate effectively will determine the success of your launch.

And if what you say doesn't make sense or resonate with your ideal person, they will NOT buy from you.

 Your message must be clear and speak to a specific person's problem, but if delivered in a mediocre or super fumbly way (like with a ton of filler words or robotic on camera), the person that you’re trying to connect to won’t see you as an authority who can help them.

Confidence sells. And that confidence comes out through your delivery.

I hope you enjoy this one :)


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