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Simplify Your Business Planning with Kristen Westcott - Ep #15


Everybody’s telling you it’s time to get your annual plan together and develop a strategy to knock it out of the park in 2020. If that feels a bit overwhelming, today’s episode is for you.

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Today’s guest, Kristen Westcott is here to help us plan effectively, even when don’t have a lot of time. After more than a decade of helping others with goal setting, time management and project management, Kristen is an operations consultant and project manager to online coaches and course creators looking to scale their businesses without the added frustration. She guides her clients through strategically planning out their quarterly goals, manages their projects, teams and day-to-day operations so they can be the CEO of their business.  Her gift is helping entrepreneurs take their vision and create an action plan so that it becomes a reality.

If you want practical skills to approach planning so that you can achieve success in 2020 - tune in now and don’t forget to pick up the FREE resources Kristen offers throughout the episode.

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