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Why your email list isn't growing (and how to use speaking to accelerate it) - Ep #160

finding & pitching speaking opportunities solo episode Aug 01, 2022
Why your email list isn't growing (and how to use speaking to accelerate it) The Heather Sager Show Podcast Episode

We know that building our email list is important but let’s be real—growing it is never as easy as we'd like it to be especially when we’re trying to grow organically. 

Tune in on today’s episode as I uncover four specific reasons why your list isn’t growing (and what you should do to get more traction). So if yours is growing painfully slow or worse, it’s been crickets on your list, it could be because you’re making one or more of these mistakes.

I hope you enjoy this week’s quick but tangible conversation to help you be more intentional with your strategy and get you results.


Episode Takeaways and Key Highlights:

  • Why having an email list and growing it is important
  • The difference between audience engagement and list growth (and where you might be stuck)
  • The trap many entrepreneurs fall into when they get excited about learning about business growth (and how it negatively impacts your audience growth
  • Why focusing on your expert talk isn’t always a good thing
  • And how to get traction with your time


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4 Specific Reasons Why Your Email List is NOT Growing

 1. You’re talking to the same people over and over again.

 We know that in order to grow an audience we need to create unique content every single week, post it as a blog, create a podcast or even go live then email your list about it and mention your freebie—that’s the basic 101 of creating “online business” to sell your program.

This works for a bit especially if the people you're posting and talking to online don't know who you are or they're not aware of your freebie but there comes a point, when you are talking about the same thing over and over again to your existing audience that the people who are going to download your freebie have already downloaded it. 

You need to continue to talk to your existing audience because when you talk about the same things to the same people over and over again, it's valuable. But if you want to grow your email list, stop talking to the same thing over and over again and expect your audience to grow. You have to expand and get in front of new audiences. 

 → What to do instead:

 Keep showing up to talk to your people, nurture them and keep providing incredible resources for them.

 Have an intentional strategy every week on how you get your message in front of new people.


 2. You’re  talking about things that are actually NOT relevant to where your audience is right now. 

As entrepreneurs, the challenge we often have when it comes to talking about our topic is we get bored easily and get very excited talking about more of the advanced level stuff in our business. And if you were talking about advanced level stage strategies, you're not going to attract your ideal person because they might think they’re not ready for you yet..

I want you to think about this logically. If you’re finding yourself annoyed and not wanting to talk about these basic topics, chances are the energetic vocal tone and just the attitude that you're bringing to that topic is not very attractive. Your people want to invest their energy into things that they feel excited about. And your job is to get them excited. 

 → What to do instead:

 Talk about things that are actually relevant to where your audience is right now (their level of awareness and also a level of skill set in what you teach).

  Find a way to fall in love with talking about the basic topics in a new way. Be super passionate and excited talking about these things—that in itself becomes magnetic for your ideal person.


 3. You’re not showing up really speaking to your ideal customer.

 When we’re working on our business, we often find ourselves with peers working on similar things and we get really excited about what we're learning so we want to share these learnings with our audience. The problem starts when we start mixing peer conversations with our public persona. 

Remember that you're a different skill set level for your audience. It's why they're looking up at you because you've already gotten over a challenge or problem that they're struggling with so you have to be aware of what you're talking about.

 → What to do instead:

  Do a quick gut check when you are sharing things with your audience and ask yourself if what you're talking about when you're showing up is really speaking to your ideal customer (or are you talking a little bit more to your peers)?


4. There isn't a clear connection between what you're talking about and your opt in.

 One of the mistakes a lot of people make when it comes to visibility is they're talking about a variety of topics and their freebie or their opt in doesn't directly align with what they're talking about or maybe it does align to your audience but  they don't know enough to know the connection between. They come up with a laundry list of things they have to do in the middle that their audience doesn't see the connection point. 

 If you want people to join your email list, they need to have a very specific reason why they're joining so make the next step for your audience so logical for them to easily jump on your email list.

 → What to do instead:

 Show up and talk about your business (offers, freebie, etc) and be so confident in inviting people into your email list.


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