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Speaker Series: How 4 Business Owners Leveraged Speaking to Grow - Ep #169

elevating your speaking skills finding & pitching speaking opportunities getting paid to be an expert speaking case studies Oct 05, 2022

Speaking can feel intimidating and terrifying. But if you have big dreams and want to truly make an impact in the world, you can’t do so by staying silent. You have to leverage your voice.

Today’s episode is a special one—I’m passing the microphone to real business owners just like you. I thought it might be helpful to hear how other entrepreneurs take courageous action, get results and believe everything is possible if you just start taking that first step to step up and help your ideal clients.

These amazing business owners are graduates of my original program. They are real women who want to get their message out in a bigger way with real stories to share and meaningful wins to celebrate that will surely touch your heart.

I hope the stories that you hear today unravel something in you to push you to be a little more brave for you to try new things, for you to raise your hand for a speaking opportunity, for you to be a little bit more louder with your voice and have more courage to share your message because the people that you can help are waiting to hear it.

In this episode, you’ll meet:

  • Merritt Onsa - Dream Coach and Host of the Devoted Dreamers Podcast who inspires women of faith to trade fear and imposter syndrome for the God-shaped dreams they were created for.
  • Michelle Lyman - Owner and Director of Serenity Yoga– a Yoga teacher with 20 years of experience who uses a unique combination of mindfulness and yoga techniques to help people manage anxiety
  • Melissa Echo Greenle - Founder and CEO of deaffriendly, a consumer review platform for the Deaf community and deaffriendly CONSULTING, a consulting firm helping businesses revolutionize how businesses interact with and serve deaf and hard of hearing customers across the nation
  • Jessica Brooks - Conversion Copywriter and Recipe Developer. When she's not writing recipes for Buzzfeed's Tasty videos, she helps online entrepreneurs find the right words to reach their people. 

Episode Highlights:

  • How did speaking show up in their business and what made them decide to work on their speaking skills?
  • What felt harder or easier than they expected on their speaking journey?
  • What are the mental blocks they had to work through or the shift in their thinking along the way?
  • What does speaking look like for them now versus then?
  • Plus some tips  that you can try which made a big difference  to them 


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