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Curiosity, Pivoting & The Pep Talk You Didn’t Know You Needed with Ellen Yin - Ep #182

best of the best guest expert interviews online business personal development / mindset visibility Feb 01, 2023
Hint of Hustle Ep 182: Curiosity, Pivoting & The Pep Talk You Didn’t Know You Needed with Ellen Yin

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Evolution is a natural part of our lives, and our entrepreneurship is no exception. Building a brand is a process of iterationand today’s guest, founder & host of Cubicle to CEO® Ellen Yin, has much to say on the matter.

Ditching her 9 to 5, with zero back up plan, she’s been making things work swimmingly ever since. But was it profitable from the get go? How many times did she pivot? What were the skills that helped her breakthrough to her next level?

Tune in and get ready to be inspired by her story of courageously creating her own path through curiosity, tenacity and bold moves. 

This episode is EVERYTHING you needed to hear today, packed with beautiful insights and valuable tip, so let’s jump to it.

In this episode, Ellen shares:

  • How she has evolved and pivoted her business (more than once) and the lessons she’s learned along the way
  • The childhood trait she still uses as an entrepreneur (and is a superpower today)
  • How to navigate the path when you're called to go in a different direction (ie. change industries, niches or careers)
  • Why fostering deep connections is essential in building your business
  • If she had the chance, what she’d do differently in her business building journey
  • Her relationship to the word hustle and
  • What rest looks like for her in this season




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