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Visibility & Vulnerability: How Much to Share as a Personal Brand - Ep #183

online business personal development / mindset solo episode visibility Feb 01, 2023
Hint of HUstle Ep 183: Visibility & Vulnerability: How Much to Share as a Personal Brand

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You know you need to be more visible in your business, but does that mean you need to be vulnerable too? According to the definition of the word – YES.

Vulnerability is about exposing yourself to potential harm, physically or emotionally, and when you’re a personal brand who puts themselves out there–  online or on stage, that’s inherently VULNERABLE.

So if you’ve ever asked yourself questions like: 

How much of my story should I share? Did I over share? Should I be more vulnerable?

How much is too much to share? What should I NOT be sharing with my audience? 


Here’s a glimpse of what you’re going to learn in this episode…

  • What is vulnerability and how it can help you build high quality relationships with your audience
  • How to show the real you while maintaining professional 
  • Tangible tactics to be more strategic when sharing vulnerable stories 
  • My 3-H “Should I Share This” Assessment that I use to filter my shares
  • Plus tips on how to tell case studies or tell story of other people


My intention for this episode is to help you reframe your perspective on what vulnerability means for your personal brand–  online or onstage. So that you can feel confident with what you choose to share (and be okay with what you choose NOT to).





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