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Building Your Personal Brand (and Other Business Insights) With Brittany Krystle - Ep #19

guest expert interviews online business Mar 25, 2020

I get a lot of questions from business owners about personal branding in the online space, so when an expert on the topic reached out to ME to be a guest on her show, I immediately knew I had to turn the tables and get her on The Heather Sager Show.

My guest, Brittany Krystle shares what you need to know about building a personal brand online, got me rethinking how I viewed one of the most underutilized platforms online (pay attention here, friend) and sharing insights on showing up online with strong content that attracts your ideal customer.

Brittany is a personal brand and growth expert with almost a decade of experience in personal brand strategy and content development. Her sweet spot is empowering people to build influence online that allows them to create the future that they want. She’s worked with some of the biggest personal brands online to grow their influence – founders and entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Marie Forleo & Tom Bilyeu

I found it easy to connect and relate with Brittany, that I bought a ton of questions about being an entrepreneur in this online space. I included our unscripted and transparent dialogue in the episode for you, as we chatted about things like impostor syndrome, haters online, surrounding yourself with the right people and managing that RBF (you know exactly what I mean).

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