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How to Dress for Your Brand [Recast] - Ep #193

elevating your speaking skills guest expert interviews online business personal development / mindset Apr 06, 2023
Hint of Hustle Ep 193: How to Dress for Your Brand [Recast]

It's the whispered question that I get asked a LOT.

…Working with a coach on an upcoming keynote presentation for a conference of 5000.

…An executive for his debut TEDx talk.

…A digital course creator for her upcoming masterclass.

I even get it when chatting with peers about doing a meet up at a conference.

"But Heather... what should I wear?"

When it comes to showing up as a personal brand, your style should be consistent and intentional. Not only can you become more familiar to your audience, it just does a little somethin' somethin for your swagger when you show up in your power pants.

So the question is—are you bringing the best version of you, the most confident version of you? If you want to attract your ideal audience...this is a must.

I think we could all use a little nudge in this area. And if that's you, you’ll love today’s episode! We’re doing a waaaaaay back throwback to Episode #3 to encourage you to consider how you're presenting yourself to your audience through your STYLE.

Melanie Kluger, a personal stylist and entrepreneur (and also my first ever guest on the podcast) talks about the connection between our style and building a more magnetic personal brand. We're bringing a different way to think about showing up for your brand with confidence and authority by owning your style. 

Tune in to learn:

  • confidence boosting (and super practical) tips on dressing for a big presentation
  • the thing that’s sabotaging your morning routine
  • why our closet keeps us stalled after life transitions (like changing careers or having kids)
  • how to dress for the work from home (but video ready) life style
  • plus balancing mom life with business and Instagram story hack


About Melanie Kruger:

Melanie is a renowned personal stylist, best selling author, and closet connoisseur. She’s the creator and founder of THE CONFIDENT CLOSET, a 6-week-long program to help you get to the bottom of why you have a closet that is underwhelming, overwhelming, and/or not an accurate representation of who you are. Melanie’s approach is refreshing, body-positive, and gives you an answer to the question, “Why do I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?” After working with women for over 15 years, Melanie realized that no matter who you are or what you look like, the insecurities and frustrations are the same. We all want to feel amazing in our clothes, and we all get frustrated with our wardrobes. She set out to change that and has been fullsteam-ahead ever since. 

Connect with Melanie: via Instagram | Facebook





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