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5 Questions to Halt Shiny Object Syndrome - Ep #53


 I love shiny objects. I love a little glitz, a little sparkle. 

When things become hard (aka every day as an entrepreneur) it’s easy to lose focus and want to move on to the next shiny thing. Yes, THAT NEW THING will become the secret to our success.


We both know that pushing through the hard stuff leads to break throughs.

The question is, how do you actually determine if you're getting caught up in shiny object syndrome, or if it's actually an incredible opportunity that you should say yes to that is going to help you further along in your business?

You must have a filtering system to keep a clear head and not get caught up in the marketing hype.

Say no to FOMO and hello to real growth.

I do this with 5 simple, yet powerful questions. So simple, you might laugh. 

But remember, all you need is a good prompt to get your brain and your gut working in sync.

Here’s 5 specific questions to ask yourself when you're going through shiny object syndrome:

  1. What's your number one business goal for the next six months?

(11:12) When we get excited about something or something is placed in front of us, we need to slow down and step away from all of the conversations going on and get really present with ourselves and with our current strategy and say, what is my top goal for the next six months?

When we get present to that, we get present to the goals that we've already laid out for ourselves then we can start making non-emotional decisions and strategic decisions for ourselves and in our business.

  1. How does this shiny object help or hurt that goal?

(12:23) How does this product, program, or course whatever it is, how does that help or hurt your goal? Answer that for yourself. Get really clear with that and not the fluffy ‘I know it's going to help down the long term’ help. Make it tangible and clear for yourself in the next 12 months, not a “just in case”.

Just know how is this thing going to help or hurt your bigger goal? If you're not clear on that bigger goal, you can't really answer that question.

  1. What must I give up to make room for the shiny object?

(14:11) There is only so much time in a day, only so many things that can actually earn your attention. When you choose to put your attention on something new, you're also choosing to remove your focus from something else.  Get clear on exactly what will NOT happen as a direct result of you saying YES to this something new.

  1. What will I gain from this shiny object? 

(15:31) There’s clearly positive reasons that you want the shiny thing. List them out, clearly and tangibly. What and how will you benefit from taking this on? By looking at both the pros and cons that you can more clearly evaluate and make a sound decision, not an emotional one.

  1. What does my gut tell me?

(16:15) We also have to be really in tune with listening to our gut. I don't know about you, but my gut has never steered me wrong and whenever I choose to ignore it, bad things happen or I have misses and it just doesn't quite work out right when I go against my gut. I think the same is true for you.

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