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Your Energy Determines Your Experience - Ep #83

Our energy determines our experience. You really have to be intentional for the kind of energy you bring into the week in order for you to show up with influence, purpose and magnetism on social media platforms, your community, audience, family and for yourself.

In today’s episode,  I'll share a few insights and talk about how you can ensure that you have better energy to get the outcomes and the experiences you want specifically how do you bring the right energy and the right intention to different kinds of situations whether personal or for your business.

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Full Episode Transcript

Heather Sager  2:01  

Well, hey, friends, welcome to a new segment of The Heather Sager Show every Monday we're going to be coming in hot with a quickie episode to give you a little dose of inspiration to start out your week. I don't know about you, I love Mondays but sometimes I'm sledging just a little bit. In order for me to show up with influence, with purpose, with magnetism on social media platforms for my community, for my audience, for my family, for myself, I really have to be intentional for the kind of energy I bring into the week. So today, we're kicking off this little Monday quick tip with the topic of energy, specifically, how do you bring the right energy and the right intention to different kinds of situations, whether that's speaking on video with that's guest speaking in a workshop or that's coming into a meeting with your team, a conversation with your spouse, a planning session for your business. Here's the thing when it comes to different situations and experiences we have in life, our energy determines our experience. So today, I want to share just a little bit of insights and talk about how you can ensure that you have better energy to get the outcomes and the experiences you want. 


Good energy vs Bad energy

Heather Sager  3:20  

We've all been there. We've seen somebody else engage in a situation. Maybe we've seen another influencer online on a webinar or on a sales call or something and it just doesn't feel good. We've seen influencers post videos where they're smug. They are maybe insecure, sometimes a little desperate. Maybe they're pushy, maybe we've seen people speak and they're confusing. They send a circle around their message and there's the overall vibe is not leaving us very confident in wanting to work with them. Maybe the overall vibe is leading us to go, we don't want to work with this person at all. 

We've seen examples of this both the schmucky sales tactics. We've also seen very specific situations of influencers coming out even most recently talking about things online that's extremely offensive and being completely unaware that the energy that they were bringing and the words they were using, were totally and completely inappropriate. Our energy is important because when it comes down to this, let's break down what energy is. I'm not talking about woo-woo energy, I'm talking about the vibe you bring, the way that you express your intentions. That's what this is all about. So whether it's your vibe, it's the pull that other people have towards you. They're wanting to be around you, work with you, consume your content, be a raving fan, refer your stuff. They have to like you so there has to be this good vibe between you and your audience and I know that sounds kind of weird, but we all know good energy versus bad energy.

Heather Sager  4:56  

We don't want to be around bad energy. We want to be around good. Let's talk about how you make this happen because I know we all have great intentions but there's a difference between having good intentions and having good execution. So today, let's dive into how you can, one, set higher intentions for yourself with your energy so better intentions paired with a stronger ability to express the energy that you want to bring to the party. Intention versus expression. 


Step 1: Elevating your Intention

So number one, let's talk about intention. We all have to be really clear around how we want to show up in different situations, I think we're really, really good at saying, oh, after a situation that didn't go very well. We're really good at evaluating other people when they maybe don't come across as great. Maybe we have a conversation that goes south, and we're like, oh, I don't want to do that again. Retrospectively, I think we do a good job of saying, oh, that didn't work, or oh, that felt really good. But we don't necessarily get specific and say, what was it about it that felt really good, that was really good? What did I do well in that situation to bring great energy? Instead, we just kind of shut the door on that experience and move on with life. What I want you thinking about is how can we be more intentional and proactive in saying how we want to show up in different situations so whether that's recording a video, whether it's a sales call, again, maybe a difficult conversation with a spouse, or loved one or a team member. Think about a situation, a conversation, something that involves other people even if it's just a camera, something coming up. You have to think about how do you want other people to feel and to perceive this experience? If we get more intentional asking that question upfront, then we can start putting on our thought caps and go okay, how can I make that happen? We have to start with elevating our intention

Heather Sager  6:45  

Now, here's the thing with energy. We can't just believe that if we show up with quote-unquote, good content and a good message, that people are going to resonate with it. People don't resonate with words, they resonate with messages, and those are expressed far more than words. It's how you say those words. It's the specific words that you use, the inflection you use in your voice, the overall body language that you have, the way that you make eye contact or lack of eye contact. It's all of the other things we communicate even when we're not seeing anything at all. That's what evokes emotions in other people. 



As the great Maya Angelou always says, she's got the famous quote. People will forget what you did, they'll forget what you said, they'll never forget the way you made them feel. I'm going to post that full quote in here in the show notes because it's so so so important, but you get the gist of it, right? It's all about how you make other people feel and it's far beyond the words that you use. So elevate your intentions. Do you want people to feel inspired? Do you want people to feel excited? Do you want people to feel that you're real, that you're authentic, that you get it, that you're relatable? You have to elevate and get far more intentional on how you want people to see you. That's step one. 


Step 2: Elevating your skills of how you express yourself

Heather Sager  7:59  

Now step two is you need to elevate your skills of how you express it. How do you express your intended energy? So you got it under a microscope, look at what words am I using? What tone am I bringing into the party? How am I varying up that tone? How am I bringing authentic vocals to this conversation? You got to elevate those skills. And three, you got to work on your body language, right? So if you're going to have a video online or you're gonna be a little bolder and make some kind of unpopular opinions to push people, you have to make sure you meet that with an empathetic tone. You have to make sure that you have the relationship with your audience that when you push them a bit, you've earned the right to push them. You have to think about how these things work together. 

So when you think about the energy that you want to convey, if there is a gap between how you want to be perceived and how you're expressing that, your audience isn't going to trust you. They're going to be turned off or worse lukewarm in their interaction with you. And quite frankly, when it comes to online business, there's nothing worse than lukewarm. After working with hundreds of business owners over the last 10 years, one of the things that I see to be true is most business owners rest on their knowledge and the words that they use, but when it comes to evoking emotion when it comes to creating energy with an audience, you got to let the words go and focus on how you make people feel by becoming a better communicator.

So as you head into this week, your Monday motivation is to start paying attention to how you communicate. The words you use, how you say those words, how you truly make authentic eye contact with other people. Get more intentional, a little bit every single time but the more that you work on it, the better you will get. Okay, I hope you enjoyed these quick tips. Be sure to subscribe and follow along for more and I'll see you in the next episode.


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