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Why You Should Create a New Vision Board NOW with Chant'l Martin - Ep #84

Today we talk about how to get re-inspired and fully commit to your goals (especially after this last year). You'll hear from my Speak Up to Level Up member Chant'l Martin, a vision board coach and instructor.

Listen in to learn how to create a vision board that actually works and can help you stau motivated and in action.

In this episode we’ll dive into…

  • Do vision boards actually make a difference?
  • Specific steps to help you create a vision board that actually works
  • Unexpected tips to maximize your vision board effectiveness
  • What to do once you've created a vision board (ie daily habits)
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About My Guest, Chant'l Martin

Chant'l is the founder of Thrive Lounge, an online community that helps over 150K women annually to uncomplicate their goals, stop making excuses, and achieve their dreams. Her passion is to revolutionize the way women think about their future through this supportive community where women can dream unapologetically. 

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Full Episode Transcript

Heather Sager  2:19

Well, hey friends, welcome back to another episode of The Heather Sager Show. Today we are talking about how to get re-inspired and get more excited about your goals. The last 18 months have been very interesting. I think a lot of people maybe missed the mark on setting goals in 2021 because of a variety of reasons. Who knows? But I asked one of my members inside of Speak Up to Level Up to come today to talk about what she is so good at and most passionate about. Chant'l Martin, welcome to the show. 

Chant'l Martin  2:48  

Hey, hey, thank you for inviting me on.

Heather Sager  2:50  

Of course, of course you are the perfect person to talk about this idea of resetting a vision. Obviously, vision boards are the jam that Chant'l does. She is the creator of the Thrive Lounge which I'll let her tell you all about it here in a moment. The one thing I will say, I haven't told you this Chant'l. I had the chance to meet her inside another program we were in. Every time I would see Chant'l talk about her work, show up on lives, or on social media, whatever else, she's got such a bright light about her, not only she's positive. It's just bright. You have a very bright smile which I can see right now for those of you watching on video. You exude positivity which is a perfect fit of this idea of setting a vision and creating vision boards. Just so you know you're very on brand with your energy. I don't know if that's weird, but i think it's a gift. Some people step into our lives and you know immediately that you want to get to know them and be around them and I thought that immediately of you. With that, why don't you share a little bit about what is Thrive Lounge? What do you do in your business?

Chant'l Martin  3:55  

So Heather, I think it's so funny because I felt the same way about you like oh my gosh, I just want to get to know her. She's amazing. 

Heather Sager  4:03  

Look at us having a little podcast romance here for a moment. 

Chant'l Martin  4:09  

Yeah, so with Thrive Lounge, I teach people who are motivators, inspirational speakers how to host a vision board workshops. I also host vision board workshops as well. I do this for schools, nonprofits, and different types of companies who will bring me in to have vision board workshops with their employees or their students or whoever they're serving so all things vision board all the time. 

Heather Sager  4:34  

I love this. I love this. I was telling you right before we hit record here that I have hosted, if you want to call it hosted, a vision board party, not using your model. I called my girlfriends. I was like, hey, a winery open down the street from my house. I was thinking we should get some magazines, cut some things out and drink wine all Saturday which is what we did, but our vision boards are highly questionable because there was a lot of fun involved.

Chant'l Martin  5:00  

Yeah, that's the best way to actually get it started. I did my first vision board in the same way. 

Heather Sager  5:06  

Okay, well, good. All right, that I have the right strategy there. So let's talk about this, given the timing of this, when this episode goes live. It is going to be April of 2021 which will be a year into how our lives totally changed and there has been this resistance for people to set goals because the last time they set goals, it didn't work out very well for a lot of people. Hello, pandemic and 2020. So I am curious, do you find most people set their goals and do vision boards at the start of the year? Is that a busy season for you?

Chant'l Martin  5:41  

Yeah, so every year you will see, if I just tell you about my website traffic here for a sec. Every year, it's like chillin from March to mid November and then it just skyrocket all December and the first time I saw it, I was like, wow, December is great. And then January, like doubled, and it just kept going up and like, wow, this is amazing. 

It seems like the interest really starts happening in December, where people are starting to prepare for the new year, spikes totally in January, and then kind of tapers off and by March is back to normal. I think that that's also representative of what people are actually doing in their real lives. They're like, yes, I need goals in December and they're like, yes, I will set goals in January. And then February, they're like, did I set goals? What happened to those goals? By March, they're like life is happening, so I'm glad this will go live in April.

Heather Sager  6:36  

Yeah, especially last year, I always feel like we need a kick in the pants. Personally, I've talked about this on the show before, but I approach goals in a little different way than most people. I don't set giant goals. Every January, I do a reflection week with my husband. We set some goals but we usually run in six month increments for our goals. We do our big goal and vision casting in July which is the month of our anniversary. That's when we set our big goal so I do all of my planning in the summertime so I get like that hit in the middle of the year. I encourage other people do that too. 

I think right now, April, this is an interesting time because the hangover of 2021 or 2020 is starting to wear off and linger simultaneously. I think this is the point where as business owners we have to really say, you know what, I'm done having excuses for all the things that have happened in the world. They've happened. Now we need to say, okay, how do we step into that leader role in our businesses for our audience? I think we do that by setting goals for ourselves. Tell me, what did you notice this year in the goal setting process? Because I would bet maybe it was a little different energy around goal setting going into 2021? 


How to create a vision board that actually works

Chant'l Martin  7:43  

Yeah, so you want to know something really interesting. I noticed this year specifically is that I didn't see as much energy of people wanting to set goals for themselves. I just didn't. But what I did see was people's companies saying hey, can you come and speak to my employees? I don't see like, I really want them to be re energized, or schools coming to me saying, hey, can you talk to our students? I really want them to get excited about their goals. And I saw that as well when you talk to people after 2020 they're like, listen. I just want to keep it moving. I want to make sure my family is okay. I am still homeschooling my kid.

Sure January is here but I'm just trying to get by and I'm okay with that by now. Now, I am okay with that. And yeah, I have seen a lot more of companies saying, hey, can we get some of this energy back together. And so little by little, I've seen people coming and saying like, okay, now I'm a little bit ready. Now I'm kind of ready to take care of my goals. And the goals aren't, from what I've seen, super lofty. They're like, you know what, I just want to put pants on. I can get some pants on then I might be able to put some lipstick on. If I can get some lipstick, then I might be able to do the next thing. And you know what, I think that's really healthy to just start with, let me do what I can today and we'll build up from there.

Heather Sager  9:14  

Yeah, I think that's the thing is, we have to be really clear sometime in the different seasons of our lives. There might be seasons where things are really hard. I know for many people, especially parents over the last year, it's been very hard. For me, my morning routine has gone out the window. Beat myself up for it forever. But now I'm like, okay, literally that same thing. If I can get up in the morning and drink my little water lemons situation and then sit down for my journal. That is a win to start my day. So sometimes the setting goals for yourself can be a lot smaller and that's good. You got to do what you do to get through certain periods of time. The vision board piece, tell me a little bit about how vision boards work with goal setting. They go hand in hand, right?

Chant'l Martin  9:54  

They do, they do. I do my vision board once a year. I do that in January typically. This year was actually towards the end of January, right? I was like, you know what I want to set some goals but let me figure this out. But when you do go to set the vision board and create that, it's almost like you're setting your goals for a longer period of time, something big in the future, something that you're dreaming for and wanting. 


Why you should put your phone away during the vision board process

And so when I do the vision board process, what I will typically do is tell people put your phone away. Don't even touch your phone the entire day if you can. Just throw it out the door and just forget about it for a while to really get into your body and ask yourself, what do I actually want? What do I want in this world because what typically will happen is you grab the stack of magazines, you grab your wine, you're looking through them and you're just like, oh, that's a pretty picture, that's a pretty picture, that's a pretty picture, that's a nice car. And at the end of it, you have something that doesn't really speak to you. You have something that kind of speaks to what marketing is out there and who paid for the advertising in that magazine that day. And so the vision boarding process really should start with that self reflection. The goals that you want for yourself that you decided on with no external ideas, right? That you decided you want to bring yourself and then it goes into let me visualize my goals. And too often it starts the other way with like, let's find some pretty pictures and then call it the goal. But we like to go the other way with it. 

Heather Sager  10:47  

That's such an incredible insight that can be applied to just businesses in general. There's a lot of talk online around how people are chasing vanity metrics or thinking that your goal has to become a seven figure entrepreneur or to get the swipe up feature or insert any other generic thing people talk about, and it's we're inundated with what success looks like because of what people are telling us. And what you just described, if you need to get quiet and turn off all of that, shut the magazines, shut the Instagram shut whatever off and really get present around what you want. That it sounds so good. It's hard to picture when you are inundated with other pictures to success. How do you get clients to really tap into what they want and shut that off even after they don't take a look at it? It's still in there. Do you walk through the exercises to get them to really uncover that? 

Chant'l Martin  12:18  

So when I do my vision board workshops I do them for my audience a few times a year. And when I do it, it is a full day event. And is a full day event, we are all together these days on Zoom. But what we will do very first thing, everybody turn off your phones, put it outside, like right outside the door. You'll be fine. We're going to have a couple of breaks, if you know you need to check for emergencies, but we're gonna put those phones outside because I want you to really dive into yourself today, then we do a self exploration activity.

We do some self exploration activities that will help you really think through what am I doing today that I actually want to say no to but I am doing just because it's expected of me? Or what is the thing that I truly want that I'm just not doing because I'm pushing it off to some later time? Or what is that thing that I want to say but I'm not gonna say it because it might hurt someone's feelings and I'm not ready for that? And so we actually just jot down all of those things. Write it down and take a look at it, the things that you really want out of life, the things that you really want to experience, the things that you want to stay, the things that you want to pull back. 

I actually listened to that episode where you talked about you and your husband doing the planning. And there was one one thing that you said where you said, we ask each other do you still want to be here, or something like that? It was like a question that kind of makes you stop and think huh, do I? And I think a lot of people will need that kind of stop gap as well of saying, do I actually want the job that I have? Maybe I don't, maybe I'm doing it because, you know, it just pays the bills and I'm here and I'm just living day to day but that stop gap to take a couple seconds and think about what do I really want, makes a huge difference.

Heather Sager  14:17  

I love this. I love this piece like this space. How can you do a full day, that space to think. I think a lot of times we think of goal setting is kind of a check the box, oh, we did it, oh, we did the quarterly planning, oh, we built our promotion calendar. It's just easy to keep moving. This requires space. Totally. 


Track how you spend your time and money

Chant'l Martin  14:36  

Yeah, it does. It does. One of the activities I actually have people do is track their time the entire like what they do for the entire week before the event, and I also have them print out their bank statement for that past week. 

Heather Sager  14:50  

Oh, that's a good, scary challenge. I don't want to know how much money I've spent on some random purchases. Instacart, I spend so much money to Instacart right now for groceries. Paying a lot of money to save myself from going to the grocery store, but you know, that's life.


Think of things that brought you joy

Chant'l Martin  15:07  

As long as it aligns with your values, I'd argue that's totally fine, right? So we take those two things and then I will have them after setting the big lofty goals. Ask you a question, what are the seven things that brought you joy over the last seven days? Can you think of one or two things that brought you joy of the last seven days, Heather?

Heather Sager  15:29  

Now, okay, first of all, that's a powerful question. I love the fact that you said seven days, the last seven days. Oh, okay, this is going to sound like a terrible mom moment but I am so happy my kindergartner back in school. We're recording this, one week ago, my kindergartner who's never experienced real kindergartener actually started in person school. I have four and a half hours of quiet in my house and as an introvert it was life. That might be a weird celebration or it might be like a very relevant celebration for many of you listening but that brought me lots of joy.

Chant'l Martin  16:02  

That is legit, that is legit. And think about that, the joy was really that silence, that moment to yourself, right? And so when we set goals, it's like, yeah, here's my promotion calendar. I'm gonna make, you know, six figures, I'm going to make seven figures and then we're like, what made you happy? Silence. Hugging someone that I love, right? And so we take the, how did you spend your time and how did you spend your money and then look at that, at the same time as looking at what brought you joy. 

Typically, not a huge percent of the stuff that you spent your time and money on actually brought you the joy. That's a really big eye opener, before we even create any visualization of anything is to see how do you make sure you're setting goals and infusing joy into everything that you do? Because I mean, what is life, right? What is life if it's just about the next launch? Or you know, the next big milestone, if you're not excited and happy why you do it.

Heather Sager  17:01  

It's the in between moments that you're talking about. You know, my mind is going in a lot of places right now around this. I think the idea of vision board, I want to ask you a question here in a second around I know a lot of people are like man, vision boards, how lame. I want to address that in a moment. But I think for even people who do vision boards, I think about how tactical we make it, right? Where it's like we do the goal planning thing and we do it but it's just the questions that you're asking are so much deeper. 

I just love, love that insight between where you're actually putting your time and money in contrast to your values and what's important to you in the moments that bring you joy. I'm a little flubbed for words which don't happen very often. But like that is really, really powerful and I hope that people who are listening, really sink into that question because I think we're so quick to think about the future, the ideal picture of what we want, financially, or the pretty house, or style by Studio McGee. I don't know if you watch that on Netflix, but it's so good. But oh my gosh, it's so expensive. Things like that easily fall onto the vision board but the feelings piece and what we want to experience, oh, that is so, so powerful. I want to explore that. But can we hit on for a moment the anti vision board attitude around how it's fluffy where setting visions and stuff it's just clipping out magazine things just like lame. How do you tackle that because I'm sure you get flack on that a lot. 


Chant'l started creating vision board that literally turned her life around

Chant'l Martin  18:28  

Yeah, I was that person. I was that person. Oh, yeah. Before I ever built my first vision board, I always felt like I get things because I work hard. I get the promotion because, you know, I do hard things. I can accomplish all the things, right? And so I never felt the need to like build a vision board because I do the work. Who needs a vision when you got hard work on your side, right? A little bit of elbow grease can solve anything. 

And so I hit a wall right after college graduation because I was in a space where I planned on going to medical school and I had this great boyfriend who was amazing and I like had all these things that I was like, okay, my next logical step is phenomenal. Obviously, I'm going to be you know, a doctor with a phenomenal husband. And you know, we're going to all make lots of money and we're going to have great lives and a big house and a white picket fence, obviously. And then I got rejected from every medical school that I applied to. And now having no fallback plan, I had no plan B. But I then started to get rejected from every job I applied to because I didn't have any work experience. White jobs want entry level jobs with like two years of experience. I have no idea but I struggled to find a job and this is like graduating with nearly 4.0. Then that wonderful guy that I was dating, well, I found a woman in the bathroom. That wasn't great. That wasn't great.

Heather Sager  20:10  

This is like a rom-com. This is like the setup of a rom-com, Chant'l.

Chant'l Martin  20:14  

That's how it felt, that's how it felt like rain just started falling from the sky. I'm crying, miserable but at that time having no job prospects, having been just rejected all across the board, I started to reject myself because no amount of hard work was leading me to success, and then there was no more elbow grease. All of my elbow grease hadn't paid off. You know what I mean? And I checked every box, I showed up, I did the internships, I got the gold stars and then it led to nothing. 

And so my big question then became if hard work doesn't do it, what does? And I just went into a spiral of sadness and depression, and you know, just dead because I didn't have a job, right? It was really sad. And because I am smiling, I'm always smiling, I'm joyful. No one noticed that I was depressed except for one friend that came to me and said, hey, I'm hosting a vision board workshop. I'm hosting a vision board party. Do you want to come? And I was like, listen, lady. If working hard didn't help me. I don't know how some vision board is supposed to do it. 

But nothing that I've done has been working so I'm not gonna judge you. Sure, I'll come to your your vision board workshop. I showed up. The goals were not lofty that I set. I set one goal to finish something. That was the only goal that I set. And I set that goal because I tried applying to medical school, I didn't get in. I tried studying for, you know, the GRE to go back to school to figure out something else and I just didn't have the energy to work hard anymore so I wasn't finishing anything I started. I started with, but not finish it. I start studying, not finished. Start applying for jobs and just leave. It's not going anywhere so I wouldn't finish and so the only goal I set was to finish something. 

By the end of that year, not only did I take the GRE, get into one of the top programs, like one of the top business schools for analytics which is what I wanted to do but I also had handled all of my money problems which is a whole nother story. But I believed again, that I could not only do something but finish something and I had like this fire had came back inside of me that like, hey, you got something here and it just did not exist before building that vision board. 

So yes, I believe in them. And really, it's not even about taking that like setting a goal and slapping some stuff on a board but it's really taking a moment to realign with what you really want, and I thought I wanted medical school I didn't. My mom went to medical school for me because she was you know, I was a firstborn. And it was like, yes, of course, you'll be a doctor, lawyer engineer. As many people, especially when you come from like immigrant families like I have. Many people experienced that. And you know, no, I didn't want that guy. I just wanted you know, to have someone to be with because, gosh, you get tired to seeing everybody else happy and you want a guy too but in reality, taking that stop, that stop gap in the day to say, what do you really want? And just creating it like visualization, the first thing that comes to mind, that changes the game because you've chosen it for yourself. It's not something that you saw or it's not the next logical best step. You know, it's not something that someone else said is a great thing for you to do. It's something that you said, here's what I want, and that's what makes the vision board powerful. 

Heather Sager  23:52  

Oh, that's so powerful. Oh my gosh, that does sound like a rom-com. The story there a total rom-com. Okay, I'm curious. The moment you said okay, yes, went to the vision board party even though you're skeptical? And it worked, right? It was some time between right when all those things started happening but that party for you was this domino that started this catalyst of all these great things. When did you decide huh, I think I should learn how to teach them and then teach other people to teach them? When did that come into play?

Chant'l Martin  24:23  

So it does happen almost like the next year. The next vision board now, at this point, I've gotten into grad school. Gotten into grad school and the next vision board I created had 75,000 on it. I wanted to graduate and get a job and make $75,000. I wrote on my vision board in all green letters, 75, green numbers, 75,000, right, and that was the center my vision board and everything else was was around it. This is 75,000 for a girl who got rejected from every entry level job that she applied for. I was like nope, when I graduate, I'm gonna get a job and I'm going to make $75,000. Throughout that year, I did the work, I showed up, you know, I kept my eye on the prize. My first offer was exactly $75,000. I mean, I literally started crying there at the school. I didn't even make it out. Soon as I got the class I started crying, I'm like, literally 75,000. 

That was when I thought, you know, I kind of want to do this for more people. And so I started hosting just vision board workshops for my friends, for my family, doing things locally. I started a monthly women's group where we would just get together, talk about our goals, and hang out and talk about life each month. And then over time, that kind of built up and built up just little by little people brought their friends like, hey, this hangout session, and this goal setting is amazing and so my friend convinced me to host a vision board conference after a couple months of doing this. I hosted that and in line with that I had to create a website because I'm like, okay, well, you kind of need to make a website if you're going to have a conference because you'd want to look legit. You can't just slap a conference on the internet and think people are going to show up. 

I totally discounted all the work I had done leading up to that but I created the website as a result of hosting this conference and then I just noticed that I had this energy to keep writing. I just wanted to share what I knew. I wanted to share my experiences so I'm writing and writing and writing just about the goals that I'm setting and what's happening and how to set goals. And every time I have a new conversation, I get a new idea and that's when I realized I have a passion for this. I'm waking up and doing this every single day. Nobody has to tell me to do this. I wasn't making any money in the beginning and I just had this drive to do it because I believed in it so much, and over time it turned into Thrive Lounge. it just became that way, just sheer passion, I guess.

Heather Sager  27:08  

Well, that's how a good thing start. I was just talking to another person a couple days ago around that similar concept, right? When you find something you really enjoy doing that you get excited about, that you want to tell other people about it. That's typically what blossoms into the thing that you can make a business out of which. I think it's incredible.

Chant'l Martin  27:25  

Yeah, yeah.

Heather Sager  27:26  

I love this. I love hearing how people's stories of how we fall into doing the thing that we do and just the interesting nuances of our own stories. I want to learn a little bit more around some tips that we can give people who are listening around how to create like give me some vision board rules, if you will, or some staples, if somebody is thinking about oh, I want to create one. 

You talked a little bit about, first, you just do some reflections. Ask themselves some questions and really think about what they want to experience and what they want. Let's talk tactically speaking, how do you recommend people actually create the vision board?


Tips to maximize your vision board efficiency

 Rip things out of magazines and get creative

Chant'l Martin  28:01  

Yep, first thing you want to do is start with the goals, right? You do the self exploration, you got the goals. Okay, great. Starting with, I got the goals ready. I want to create. The first thing you want to do is just like actually start to rip things out of magazines. I wouldn't like to put them on a board or anything but go through magazines and just rip things out and also get creative. 

If you don't see the thing that you want, say your your goal is so clear like my 75,000, and you're not going to just find that some advertiser happened to put 75,000 in a magazine, literally, write it out. Know that you can put whatever you want to on your board. It doesn't have to be something that came out of a magazine. It could be your favorite quote that you printed from online, it could be a picture of yourself or you at your best moment. 

For example, I have a picture of me with my girlfriends that is on the middle of my board because I love hanging out with my girlfriends. I haven't been able to see them in a while. Thanks, pandemic but you know, that's something that's really important to me, and so make sure that you're getting what's important to you even if you don't happen to see it in the collection of things that you've curated so far. When you're going through the magazines just start ripping things out. Everything that you think looks good rip it out and rip out the entire page, right? Once you've got a nice juicy stack, side note, I've been using juicy because one podcast you said, I use juicy. I've never used juicy before and then once you said that I started using juicy.

Heather Sager  29:32  

and this side note, let me just say y'all, I love it. You are definitely one of my people. 

Chant'l Martin  29:40  

As soon as I said juicy, I was like wait, I never said, where's juicy even coming from?

Heather Sager  29:44  

And these are the things that happened on the Heather Sager show. You're welcome everyone for now using juicy. We should make a secret kind of code happening on Instagram that if you find yourself accidentally saying a Sager word, you got to tell me. Okay, well, we get the stack, right?

Chant'l Martin  30:06  

We get the stack. 

Heather Sager  30:08  

Real quick before you keep going. One thing that I found, I always felt like I was confined to the magazine so I love the fact that you said write other things down. I also started Googling things, going to Pinterest and finding pictures and printing them. Yes, I'm old school and I have a printer but I added that to my mix because I wasn't finding the pictures that I want. I love the fact that you said you're not confined to the magazines. I know, obviously, there's no rules with vision boards but for some reason I think we think, oh, we have to find a magazine but I don't have a ton of magazines laying around in my house so that might not be a thing that people have. I don't know.

Chant'l Martin  30:44  

Yeah, a lot of people don't have magazine. I tend to tell people to just print out some affirmations especially if you're going to like Etsy. You can just google affirmations or search affirmations. A ton will pop up. Print out the one that feels really good for you and then just use those as well if you're old school have a printer, that is.

Heather Sager  31:05  

I love that. Okay, so we print off all the things, we've got our vision in our head, right? We print out all the things and then do you like, Is this a legit poster board situation? What are people putting this on? 

Chant'l Martin  31:16  

Okay, so this video, right? My vision board is here behind me if you can, can you see it on the video? 

Heather Sager  31:21  

Yeah. Okay. 

Chant’l Martin  31:22

Mine is on like a cork board. I love cork board. Some people do these on poster board but I prefer cork board because, first of all, I like to like really have it on my wall and be really sturdy so I love the cork board. Also, I like getting pretty pins. I have these pastel colored pins. I barely look at the pins, but I feel good as I'm putting them into the board. And they're like really cute. 

Heather Sager  31:44

It's about the experience, the luxury of the pinning. Literally, this is what Pinterest is. It was about pinning things on your cork board. You have an OG Pinterest board. 

Chant'l Martin  31:55  

Yes, exactly.

Heather Sager  31:58  

Okay, that's great. I have a poster board. We actually bought, I don't know, it's maybe two feet by a foot and a half poster board. I'm looking, mine is behind my desk over there but it was like a poster board thing that we did at our winery event and we just glued it on there, and I laughed because it looks like a middle schooler art project. It's up there on my wall. It's actually been up there now for a year and a half, but I don't look at it as often as I should. It doesn't have to be this pretty, aesthetically, pleasing thing. It just has to have the right things on it. 

Chant'l Martin  32:29  

Right, exactly. That's the whole point. It has to have the right things on it. And so that's why I do jump through hoops and creating the vision board. So when you have your stack of things, now remember, you've been going through magazines, just ripping things out, like oh, this looks good, this is good. You put them to the side, then you come back to your stack, go through them and actually cut out the thing you thought was important. And you will notice when you go through that stack a second time you're like, why did I rip this out? And you're like, nevermind.

Heather Sager  32:58  

What in basin salt holder? is very pretty but I don't know what I was thinking?

 Cut out what's important and arrange them on the board

Chant'l Martin  33:03  

What goal was I setting with this? So you cut out what you thought was important, the picture or the quote or whatever it was, and then you arrange them on to the board.This is the first time that you're actually seeing it all put together. And then you want to just arrange it in a way that just feels really good like it jumps off the page and it makes you feel good. I am really, really like I like to see things organized and so I group my goals together. If I put like a bunch of singing things, singing is my jam. I have a goal to sing more this year. And so like there's like one section of my board that's just for singing, one section of my board for being outside. Ofcourse, you don't have to do it this way but I need the organization.

Heather Sager  33:46  

The home edit ladies are like singing your praises right now like create your groups, create your clusters. I love that you do that with your vision board.

 Do it in whatever way that feels good for you

Chant'l Martin  33:56  

And the most important thing goes in the center like okay, this is the main focus. And then the kind of life things go around, go around it. The way I do is kind of annoying, but it doesn't have to be that way. You can do it in whatever way that feels good for you. So if organization is your jam, yours might look a little like mine. 

Heather Sager  34:14  

Okay. I think the whole thing is about customization, right? Do what works for you, just get the right things up there.


What to do once you've created a vision board

 Walk away from it for a week, comeback and snatch off things that actually don't feel good to you. 

Chant'l Martin  34:19  

Yes. Then walk away from it for a week. Walk away from it for a week and come back to it and then ask yourself, 'Marie Kondo' it. Does this thing bring me joy, right? The reason I say walk away from it for a week is because as you're building the vision board, you got your why and maybe you put on some beautiful music as you did it, maybe you like lit a candle that smells really good and you're in a phenomenal mood and you're just feeling good. And so you may have put some things on that board that don't have any longevity to them and so when you come back around a week later and look at it, start snatching off things that actually don't feel good to you. 

There will be some that just don't feel good, and that doesn't mean you have to go refill that space, maybe you just leave it, maybe you just leave some open space and allow some magic to happen. That's okay. Now maybe you do want to replace it because you don't like open spaces. I do not like open spaces, I might replace it but you don't need to. 

Your secret special goal and the envelope tip

And also, if you have goals that maybe you're just not comfortable saying out loud, you can put a little envelope on your vision board and put the goal inside the envelope. It is still there and every time you see the envelope, you will think about it. You don't have to tell anyone that it's there, maybe there's that income revenue goal that you're just like, I'm not ready to say this out loud but this is really my goal and I'll hide it a little bit, but it's still there. And so make sure that there's not just, you know, customize it for yourself but don't just, you know, have it be a visualization that exists that might inspire you. Have it really represent you and that's the whole point of coming back a week later and asking yourself that question of like, does this still fit? And if you've done that work, I promise you, you will not be at the end of the year like my vision didn't come true. You will feel good about it. You'll be well on your way. You'll be excited and pumped about your goals because you chose your goals. You didn't allow life to choose your goals for you.

Heather Sager  36:20  

Yes, the envelope tip. Oh my gosh, that is so so good. I think we all have goals that we're a little scared of to say out loud. It's like a safe goal where you're still boldly putting it up there but you're still letting it be special and intimate to you even though sometimes our vision boards like mine is in my private office, nobody really sees this. But still like sometimes I just think that's a really, really insightful tip. I think everybody should have a super secret special goal.

Chant'l Martin  36:48  

Yes, yes. 

Heather Sager  36:50  

Okay, so we put it out there, right, but it's not about taping or pinning a dream to a wall? How do you use the vision board? What do you recommend to your clients around how they make this become part of their world because it's seeing those every single day that helps us start really dreaming about who we need to become to step into that life. 

 Putting your vision board where you see it every single day

Chant'l Martin  37:13  

Yeah, so the first thing you want to do is just put it somewhere where you see it everyday, that makes it the easiest. Don't put it like in your closet which I have actually seen a lot of people like, oh, let me get my vision board. It's in my closet. You're not gonna see it every day unless you put it on your closet door and you have to see it every day. There was one year where I actually put my vision board in my bathroom. I would have to just see it every day. I'm gonna be here. It's right there. Put it somewhere where you can see it every day. 

 Tell people about your goals and act as if it’s going to happen

The next thing is tell people about your goals. The second you start telling people about it, it really becomes real because then they'll start asking you, hey, how's that thing going? Hey, are you still working on that? Hey, how are you making any progress? What's happening now? And then it becomes real because it's not just yours. You've allowed it to kind of speak out into the universe that I'm claiming this y'all. This is happening, and so you can not only get excited about within yourself, but then your community around you can get excited about it as well. 

Within that, start to actually make plans for it to happen. Even if you don't think that, you know, oh, man, this goal was lofty, act as if it's not. Act as if you can get that. Act as if it's gonna happen. I kind of was a little mousy earlier, when I said I want to sing more this year. No, I actually want to perform on stage. I want to perform in stage plays. One thing that I'm trying to get in the habit of is not saying I want to sing but saying I want to be on stage plays. And that's kind of a big deal of just claiming it, saying it out loud and actually saying, hey, here's the real thing that I want and asking for help along the way. I've told my husband like, hey, I'm doing this. I got a singing coach. I probably really don't even need a singing coach because I'm probably not even at the stage ready with a singing coach, but like, whatever, I paid money, so I'm invested now, right? And so set yourself up so that you can be successful, so that everything is in alignment. That you didn't just set a goal and drop it. You set a goal and you're claiming it. You're showing up for it. It's gonna come to you.

Heather Sager  39:23  

Yes. Oh my gosh. Okay, first of all, I don't want to go down to the tangent of this but I really want to talk to you about singing because we can jam out about this. I think former singer myself because I sing all of growing up but as an adult, you don't really have the opportunities to sing, which okay, now that we're spilling secrets. Let me admit something really hilarious on the show. You know I discovered when I sent my kindergartener to school, I realized that I missed singing because so I, a singer. Fun fact I was the preliminary talent winner through singing at Miss Oregon circa 2008, everyone. I love to sing. I'm pretty good. I'm a damn good karaoke, but I sing in my house when no one's home. And I haven't done that in a year because there's always people in my home. Get out, children. It's funny and that happened to me when little guy went to kindergarten. I was like, oh my gosh, I haven't been singing which I don't know that's really weird tangent, but those little things, we disconnect from things that we really enjoy doing.

Chant'l Martin  40:25  

Mm hmm. Now a 100%, a 100%, and that's honestly, one thing is working with a vocal coach, she actually asked me this question, why are you so quiet? You have a very powerful voice. And I almost because I don't want to bother the people in the next room. I don't want my daughter to hear me. You know, I want to be quiet. But no, open your mouth and let the sound come out like actually be all in with it. I had to tell my family, hey, these are the hours that I'm going to be singing. Get over it, and to be honest, they're not bothered at all. It was more so a thing that was in my head of I don't want them to hear me. And that's the whole point of setting the goals is so that you hold yourself accountable to the things that you really want, not just the day to day inertia.

Heather Sager  41:15  

Yeah. Okay, this piece around us holding ourselves back for our own goals. I think this is really timing right now. We are a third of the way into 2021. This is a really, really good time for people to reset and say, have I cast a big enough vision for myself that I can get excited about? That can pull me out of the negativity of people griping about whatever online, that can pull me in to showing up better. Do you have any tips or insights, I want you to beef it on the audience right now, whatever the hell beef it means. For somebody sitting here going all right, I have been lacking in my goals, all right, yeah, I just been going with emotions. But all right, Chant'l, I need to get better at this. How do you motivate someone to step up and say, okay, it's time to set some goals?

Chant'l Martin  42:07  

Yeah, the first thing I say is set a goal you want because a lot of times we set goals because we've seen something and believe that this is what we should have right now. For example, I see Heather on all these awesome stages. I should be on more stages. I should be working towards that but is that my goal? Hmm, maybe? What I really want is to sing, right? We see a lot that may not be the thing that we want. 

And so you ask yourself, why am I not working on this? Why am I not waking up every day energized to do this? Do you actually want it? Because sometimes the answer is just a straight up no. You know, I see people launching digital courses, I should create my course too. And because we're in this online space, because we're on social all the time, because we are constantly seeing people doing cool things, because everybody's posting their highlight reel on social. We think, gosh, I should be doing that too. I should be on those vacations. When I was single, I had to get off Instagram because I just could not see another person in a happy relationship because I kept thinking, where's mine? And we do this. 

Let me ask you, does anybody have to tell you to eat a chocolate chip cookie? No, 'cause you want the chocolate chip cookie. You want it, right? But when someone says like, oh, you know, work towards this goal. If you don't want it, you're not going to be particularly excited about it. You're  not going to wake up with that energy. First and foremost, be straight up honest even if it's not cool, even if it's not popular, even if it's not what all the cool kids are doing right now. Claim what you actually want. Go big with what you actually want and it doesn't have to be a business goal. It can but it doesn't have to be. It doesn't have to surround your family. Your family doesn't need to be happy about it. They could, they don't have to be. Choose the thing that you really want. Then you'll notice oh my gosh, I am waking up every day energized. I am pumped to do this. I can't wait to do this. 

The problem with goals is too often we set the thing we think we should do, or the thing that someone else told us is about to be cool right now, or the thing that someone else says you're really good at. And then you set a goal because you're like, yeah, I am really good at that. And you're like why am I not energized? Why am I not working towards it? Throw it out the door. Ask yourself what do you want? And then set the biggest possible goal within what you want. That is when you will notice your entire, all your energy will just change and you will be ready to accomplish that. Heck, it might even be easy because you're waking every day to do the work that you want to do, not the work you have to do, not the work you've seen other people do, but the work that you want.



Heather Sager  45:09  

Yes, yes, yes. Okay, what I said like beef it to them, that's exactly what I meant. Like. It's gonna go down as one of the weirdest things I've said on the podcast. It works. Okay, that is so so good. I think this is the time for people to say, All right, let's get out of this weird transition period. If anyone's been feeling like they've been sluggish or in a rut, if you want to feel better about how you show up, set a bigger vision. 

You've done an excellent job today giving people some ideas and some tools for how to make it practical. I think a lot of times we think about goal setting put on the backburner. I think having a vision board makes it visual so we can't hide from it. So I love, love, love that you mentioned that you do vision board workshops frequently. Where can people find and connect with you and potentially join one of those workshops?

Chant'l Martin  45:57  

Yeah, on my website, thriveloungedc.com, if you head over there, you will find out all about, all the workshops and stuff I got coming up. 

Heather Sager  46:05  

Perfect. Okay, I love, love, love that. One thing I want to throw out since most of my audience are entrepreneurs who run programs, so they have programs or they sell services, if you're listening to this and you are a leader within your group, so you have a program or you work with a group of people and you want to step in more that leader role and showcase this kind of thinking to your audience. Can I just say I highly, highly recommend contacting Chant'l to talk to her about her coming inside your group to help set this energy and tone. If you bring her inside your group, that makes you a better leader to show your people how you can help them become better versions of themselves. Chant'l, your workshops, it's the same thing. How do people get in contact with you to book you to speak inside their groups?

Chant'l Martin  46:48  

Yep. On my website, thriveloungedc.com, there is a tab that says hire to speak.

Heather Sager  46:52  

So easy. Okay, so, so easy. And please, please be sure to connect with Chant'l on Instagram. She always posts really good videos. I know I'm saying this. I creep stalk you. I'm giving you lots of love today. But I love your content online. You're really, really fun to follow. And like I said, you were a bright, bright light. Let me ask you, last question. When you think about your vision board and what you're most excited about in 2021? What is the thing that's bringing you absolute joy?

Chant'l Martin  47:19  

For me, it is the singing. This is something I've wanted since I was a very little girl. And just totally that the whole backstory my dad, he said to me, Hey, I know you want to be a singer. When you can sing this song, I will help you. I'll know that you did a lot of hard work and I'll help you along this journey. And so the song that he asked me to sing was a song called, 'I Can Explain' by a woman named Rachelle Ferrell. I worked on this song since I was like 12 up until, I'm still working on the song if I'm being truly honest. I thought, gosh, I cannot be a singer. I just, I can't do it. I can't sing this song. I can't be professional because you know, I can't sing this song. And one of the things that I learned as I got older was that Rachelle Ferrell who I didn't know at the time has one of the widest ranges in the business, wider than Mariah Carey and in this song she uses every single one of like her octaves. And so because of that, I was trying to sound like Rachelle Ferrell, singing like Rachelle Ferrell, be her. I wanted my music to sound like hers or else I wasn't good. 

And here's what I learned is that you don't have to be Rachelle Ferrell. Heck, you don't have to be Mariah Carey. You ain't got to be Beyonce. You got to show up and be you. The voice that comes out of your mouth is going to be beautiful because you did it and yours is different. And you can create new words to whatever song you want to and you can create the sound that you want to create. You can like say what you want to say through your music, the same way that you live through speaking, right? It's the same thing, show up as yourself and just love that person that you are. And so I'm excited about the singing not just because I finally get to do it but because I feel like now for the first time ever I know what my voice sounds like. I'm not trying to emulate or be anyone else. I know what I sound like and that's so exciting to just know, I have a beautiful voice. It doesn't sound anything like any of the people that I was listening to growing up is beautiful and I think that gives me so much joy.

Heather Sager  49:39  

You're talking about singing but oh my gosh, you hit it on the head. It's the same thing with speaking. What a beautiful way to wrap up this conversation with a beautiful person. Thank you so much for being here, Chant'l. For those who are listening now we all want to go figure out how we can listen to you sing but let's connect with you on Instagram if that happened. 

If you made it to the end here and love today's episode be sure to give us a review on the podcast and follow along subscribe and all the places so you can get our bonus episodes coming up. Be sure to give us a shout out and tell us how you're going to put into practice what you learn today on the episode, even snap a shot of said vision board and post Instagram. Be sure to tag us both and we will love to connect with you online until next week. Have a great one!


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