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Energy Bank Account - Ep #85

This week's Monday Motivator we're going to continue the conversation about energy and talk about funding and managing your Energy Bank Account. 

All of us have them — most are depleted. Tune in for insights to help you become more aware and keep track of your energy level to re-center so that you can perform at your best and step into a thought leader in your industry.

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Well, hey, friend, welcome back to another Monday Motivator episode. Last week, we talked about bringing intentional energy into different situations. This week, we're going to continue the conversation about energy and we're going to talk about something that I call your energy bank account. Have you ever been in a situation before where you just don't feel like you have it in you to turn it on? Like if you're thinking about Oh, man, how do I bring energy and serve an audience or how do I have the energy to make this really hard week? I'm just not feeling up to it. I think we all go through these highs and lows both personally and professionally, where we're feeling really good, we have really great momentum, but then other times, we're sludging along through the mud, and that's human. That's perfectly normal. 


Fill Your Own Cup First


But what I want you to think about today is how do you become more consistent with your energy, your vibrancy in life and business? And you might be thinking, well, Heather, how is this related to speaking? How is this related to online business? We talked about how it's so important for you to have strong, good energy if you're going to connect with an audience. But you know that saying first you have to fill your own cup before you fill other people's cups. I don't know, I think there are analogies far better than I just gave it. But you know, this idea, okay, another analogy, you got to put on your own face mask before you put on other people's face masks on the airplane. Overuse analogy that everybody uses. It is the same idea here. 


When it comes to energy, I think a lot of times, especially in online business when we're trying to get more visibility for our business and being all the places, we have a tendency to overexert ourselves and get everybody else our energy, and then we're depleted at the end of the day. And then our families get nothing from us except for snarky short comments back because we're exhausted or we're trying to work the funnel or we've just waiting for that pitch message to come back or whatever crazy thing is going on in our online business because there's always something. 


You are responsible for your own energy


What I want you thinking about is your energy, you constantly have to refuel it and the only person that can do that is you. If you've ever said, oh, I feed off of the energy of a live audience, I'm going to call crap on that. Because here's the thing, you have to pack your own battery, if you're going to be a leader for an audience. So if you're going to speak at a guest session, if you're going to do podcast recordings, if you're gonna do podcast interviews, if you're gonna do recordings like this, you cannot rely on or expect anybody else to feel your energy but yourself. You are responsible for your own energy in every single aspect of your life and business. And I want you to think about that energy, like a bank account, where you're constantly making deposits and taking withdrawals. And chances are, your energy bank account might feel a little overdrawn at times. Other times, it might be totally flowing where you don't even know where the heck the energy is coming from until it's overdrawn and depleted again. 


Think of the activities you can do to refuel your energy account


What I want you to think about is what are the activities that you can do to add deposits into your bank account. Now going off on a tangent here, it's gonna be different for different people, right? If you've ever taken the Myers Briggs assessment, people fuel off different things. My husband is a huge extrovert. He loves being around people. Personally, for me, I am more of an introvert. I love my alone time with my Netflix and a pint of Ben and Jerry's. That's my refuel, but you have to figure out for you is what refuels your own energy. Is it alone time? Is it journaling? Is it reading? Is it getting your nails done? Is it coffee with friends? In this virtual world, you're gonna have to figure out different ways to replace it but chances are your energy tank, your energy account is due for some big deposits. And you might not be able to do a giant like hefty deposits at once but you're gonna have to figure out some of those activities that you can do on a daily basis, religiously on a weekly basis to refuel your energy account. Because if you are going to sit here and be a leader, if you're going to be a thought leader in your industry, if you want other people to look to you as someone to learn from, they want to be like you. Quite frankly, you have to step into that role as a leader which is why we're constantly working on ourselves from the inside out. It starts with you making sure that your battery is packed so that you can light it up for other people. You can't inspire if you yourself are depleted. 


Keep track of your energy level


As you head into this week, I really want you to keeping track of how do you feel both mentally and physically? How is your energy? And is there anything that you need to do to start adding deposits back to the account? Be mindful of those deposits and those withdrawals because you can't show up to those big moments that are important, whether that big moment is Legos with your little one, a dinner with your spouse, or a big presentation coming up. You can't expect to go in there and give your best if your bank account is overdrawn. If this tip today was helpful, helping you re-center with your energy, be sure to like and subscribe and I will see you next time in another episode. Bye friends!


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