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The Good Side of Fear - Ep #87

A little bit of fear is a good thing. It's the price of admission for having bigger dreams and ambition to go chase things.

The topic I want to cover today for this week's Monday Motivator is around the concept of fear and our relationship with this. How are we embracing fear versus how are we pushing it away?

I want to encourage and challenge you to dream bigger and put yourself a little bit as you roll into this week and when fear arrived, instead of letting it discourage you, allow that fear to fuel you on the right path. Chances are where you get uncomfortable, it's probably pointing towards something that's good.

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75 Hard Challenge

Ed Mylett Podcast Show

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Full Episode Transcript


Well, hey, friends, welcome back to another Monday Motivator where it's your weekly quick dose of Sager to help you show up more authentic, a little bit braver, a little bit more present in your business and your life because that's what this is all about. That's why we're building our businesses. 

The topic I want to cover today is around the concept of fear and our relationship with fear and why I agree with Ed Mylett. I think a little bit of fear is a good thing. A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to a podcast in one of my morning walks. If you're new around here, I'm in the midst of doing this really crazy thing called 75 Hard which is a 75-day mental toughness challenge where I have to work out twice a day, one has to be outside, to drink a gallon of water a day, I have to read 10 pages of nonfiction, so personal development type books a day and take a picture and something else. I don't know. It's crazy. I'm doing it. I'm well into it and part of what I'm doing is I'm doing morning walks. 

I get up at 5:15. I stretch, do a little yoga because my muscles are super sore and then I go on an hour walk. I listen to audiobooks and podcasts. A couple of weeks ago I was listening to this podcast that Ed Mylett was on. I love that guy. He's like a giant Teddy Bear but he has such a warm heart but he's a muscular dude. He mentioned something I was really surprised by. He was talking about how, when people are saying like, what's the secret to, I don't know what the question was. Honestly, it doesn't matter. But he said, I still operate out of fear and I think it's a good thing. These other dudes that were in the room were very confused that this is like the insiders business tip for whatever the question was, and he goes, you know, I still operate out of fear. I'm still scared of what I'm building and what I'm doing. And he goes, I think that's really good because that shows me that I'm still deeply rooted in humility, and gratitude for what I have because it could all be taken away. I thought, oh, okay, I'm interested. I'm interested in this. And I started thinking about this concept of fear. I talk a lot about fear, because Hello glossa phobia is the fear of public speaking which is like the number one or number two fear in the whole world, so fear of speaking, go hand in hand. 


But what I want you to think about today is how are we embracing fear versus how are we pushing it away? Because what I've realized is the stages in my life when I am not afraid, when I am grooving, when I am doing good, if I'm being real honest with myself, I'm coasting. I'm coasting on a plan that I know I can confidently execute but when I challenged myself to dream bigger when I challenged myself to reach a little further for a bigger goal, or for a scary or ask or saying no to something in those moments, when I'm reaching for something bigger, it's always coupled with fear, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of something. I've realized that if I'm not feeling a little scared, I'm not thinking or pushing myself big enough. Fear is, as they say, that the price of admission for having bigger dreams and bigger ambition to go chase things. 


If you're rolling into this week and you're not feeling a little uncomfortable or a little scared about one of your goals, one of your dreams, one of those things on your vision board, I'm going to challenge you to say think bigger. You deserve bigger. Your dreams are too good to not chase them. We should be a little scared. If we're not uncomfortable, we're not dreaming big enough. You have got more in you. This idea of fear being rooted in humility, I think that's good because I think deep down we don't want other people to make fun of our dreams or things that were too outlandish, or I don't know. I'm from a religious family where most of the women didn't really work, and you got married and have babies. And I thought when I turned 21, that I was a failure because I was not married or didn't have babies. I had kind of left. I wasn't part of the church anymore and I was doing more of the drinking thing and having a lot more fun in my life. I grew up kind of thinking the expectation for success was getting married and having kids. And when I didn't go that path, as the youngest of six kids, I didn't have my first kid till I was 30. And my nieces and nephews, many of them are like full adults having babies. That was a weird thing for me. 

There were some times when I was pursuing my career in corporate when I was pushing and on the road a lot, when I was pushing to become an executive, when I was just exerting and going, going, going, people in that world didn't necessarily understand. They didn't understand what I was chasing or what I was trying to prove. For me, I had to listen to that gut of what I was doing. Sometimes other people are not going to get your dreams and I think there's some fear that comes with that around, what will they think of me? You got to push through it anyway. 


As you enter this week, the word fear is one that I want you thinking about is where does fear show up, and is fear pointing you in the direction of something that you should take action on, or is fear serving as a warning sign? Because I think sometimes fear we all know it like when we're scared and we know it's the bad kind of scared. We all know what that feels like and how to listen to it but chances are where you get uncomfortable and where you're feeling a little fear, it's probably pointing towards something that's good.


That's my tip for you this week. That's my insight. That's your motivation as you go through this week is to put yourself a little bit. Dream bigger, think bigger and allow that fear to fuel you that you're on the right path. Alright friends, I'll see you in the next episode. I hope you have an incredible week. Bye!


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