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Lead with Compassion in Times of Uncertainty and Fear

You don’t need another COVID-19 update, so how about we skip to something I hope will be more contagious:


Our world needs us, now more than ever, to lead with compassion.

Monday night on my local community Facebook page, I witnessed 93 neighbors verbally attack a member of our town when she encouraged people to join an event happening at the local pub. 

Sure, it wasn't a brilliant idea.  Our governor is encouraging (not yet mandating) self quarantine. Eating dinner at a restaurant defeats that purpose.

But did it help the situation to call her a "f**king idiot" a "waste of a human" or question if she was "trying to murder us all"?

Of the 93 comments, at least 85 were just as harsh.

That woman is someone’s wife, mother and daughter.

You might be appalled.

You might be rolling your eyes agreeing that the woman is an idiot.

You might be reminded of other posts you’ve seen that got heated quickly (*ahem* pretty much all political convos or the debate about the dress being blue and black or gold and white).

Maybe you’ve had your own choice words this week when your Aunt Sally bought 412 rolls of toilet paper and 27 pounds of jasmine rice.

Or when a friend from high school continues to call out others for being dramatic.

I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t roll my eyes a few times this week scrolling through my feed.

Judging others, especially those who think or act differently from you, has become the norm.

As leaders we must change the conversation by changing the narrative.

What if we chose to believe that everyone is just trying to do the best they can?

Maybe Aunt Sally is terrified, so she does one thing to make her feel a sense of control.

Maybe that friend from high school once suffered trauma and their way of dealing with stress is to make jokes because they can’t process.

Maybe that woman at the pub was just trying to help a local business owner who was terrified of going out of business and she genuinely didn’t understand the implications.

None of these things may be true, but the reality is that we ALL SPECULATE. We all create masterful stories in our minds.

Why not consciously choose a story that helps instead of hurts?

When we assume the best in others, we bring out the best in ourselves.

 And the world needs us at our best right now.

As we navigate this next, uncertain and very virtual chapter of our lives, I encourage you to look for the good.

Choose respect.

Choose kindness. 

Choose grace.

Choose to lead your family, friends and your business with compassion.

Whether it’s a conversation online about the impact of the pandemic on business or a smile at the fellow mom staring at the bare shelves at the grocery store on your last pantry run, remember this:

One moment of kindness has an everlasting effect, so give them generously.

In the spirit of compassionate leadership, I recorded a special episode of Finding Your It Factor sharing the 4 principles I've adopted over the years to help me shift from a place of scarcity and judgement, to generosity and grace.


4 Principles to Adopt to Lead with Compassion

  1. Assume good intent.

  2. Listen to understand and connect.

  3. Follow the golden rule

  4. Ask yourself “What opportunity does this create?”

Additionally my favorite filtering question I use when contributing to conversations is to first ask myself: 

Will what I’m about to say hurt or help the situation?

I hope this helps you too.

If this message of bringing compassion resonates with you, please share this post with a friend. I'd love to connect with you on the gram @theheathersager

Additional Resources

I’ve been inspired seeing many leaders step to serve and support their communities, here's a few resources that might help you (and inspire you to serve):


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