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"Speaking has always been my strength, but not when I’m put in the spotlight or in front of a camera. Being a woman of color in the yoga world (after a decade in corporate) where things are watered down, it's hard to stay strong in your voice and hold my truth; you have to meet people where they are to bring them closer to theirs. That’s why I joined Heather’s program — SULU is truly like an MBA: you’ll get more experience in a shorter amount of time with speaking, being put on the spot, finding the words to connect with people, and finally getting out of your head. It really pushes me to be a go-getter in that limited time of time with healthy pressure; without being complacent and getting in your cave and meditating. I wanted to reach more people and balance that so I’m more present for the people I serve and preach what I practice… And thanks to SULU, I have a method to the madness in Heather’s frameworks and I speak up more often than I ever did before!"

Nisha Kunder
Wellness Coach & Yoga Instructor

"When I joined Heather’s program, I had one coaching client and my photography business was doing great — it was basically running on autopilot. But I was focused on growing my coaching business on the side and knew I needed to get comfortable speaking on camera. I was scared to death of Instagram Lives and would record everything! Within one week of joining the program, I was doing live video (now it’s one of my favorite things) and over time I completely restructured my signature offer and my webinar. Now, I have 17 coaching clients. Just last month I brought in $40,000 in sales, and booked eight coaching calls in eight days! How? It's all because I showed up consistently and I made sure that I was showing up on camera with my face. If you know that showing up consistently takes time but pays off, you’re a perfect fit for SULU."

Tracy Lynn
Boudoir Photographer & Coach

"When I joined Heather’s program [Speak Up To Level Up], I was receiving requests from bigger corporations who wanted me to run workshops for them. I had started gaining momentum organically, and I needed help! I was shaking in my boots. I wanted to be more comfortable and confident with selling without having to go out and find clients. I had a constant stream of people who wanted to hire me, but I needed to close more deals with more confidence and not suck in the process of delivering the talk! Thank god for Heather: her depth of experience is something you cannot find ANYWHERE else — no one else will tell you with confidence and certainty how to play the game. There are so many tips and tiny things in SULU you would never think to do yourself, but they’re the biggest game-changers. She'll show you how to get people head-nodding, exactly when to sprinkle in how you work with clients, how to make your story fluid, and inspire people to hire you to come back and have a phenomenal experience. I was definitely freaking out pre-Heather, but now I’ve closed way more deals for way higher dollars AND I can finally do live videos! I feel so supported by her and this community, ALL the time."

Milan Kowalewski
Online Marketing Strategist & Podcast Host

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