Step on stage with killer confidence & walk off with a list of obsessed fans ready to work with you.

You’ll walk off my digital stage knowing:

  • Your Unique Speaker Persona: How to leverage your strengths and tap into the speaker sweet spots you have already!
  • The Big Speaking No-No: How to avoid this costly mistake that I see even the most charismatic speakers make.
  • My Magnetic Talk Formula: My secret recipe for a compelling talk that converts!

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Public speaking making you sweat?

It's all the things you're supposed to be doing:

  • Show up on Facebook lives

  • Pitch yourself to podcasts

  • Guest present at masterminds

  • Raise your hand for keynotes

  • Host your own workshops

It's true. Putting yourself out there as an authority will accelerate your list building and increase your conversion for your programs... cha-ching!

But public speaking is hard. Like crazy, scary hard.

Beyond the nerves, you've got to figure out how to act cool, tell stories, make people laugh. Think on your feet and form coherent sentences.

But there is a secret to stepping into the spotlight with confidence. It's why my private clients pay me the big bucks to help them craft their signature talks and get stage ready for their big moments. And for the first time, I'm sharing it for free.

If you've been avoiding pitching yourself as a guest speaker because you...

  • Keep telling yourself speaking gigs are for big timers.

  • Don't know where to start (not to mention what to say).

I totally get it. But friend, speaking is one of the fastest way to build your list and convert your dream clients!

So let's help you get over that, shall we?


The Speak with Style Masterclass

In this live online training, you'll learn...

Your Unique Speaker Persona

Magnetic speakers understand their strengths and embrace their personality. Learn how to leverage yours and identify where you should step up your game.

The BIG Speaking No-No

It's the big mistake I see even the most charismatic and captivating speakers make and the first thing I cover with all of my private clients. Find out what it is and how to never make it again.

My Magnetic Talk Formula

It's the recipe I've used for 15 years for every one of my talks with my clients for theirs. It's the difference between a talk that entertains and one where your ideal clients pulls out their credit card.


  • Coaches, course creators and service providers who know that the best place to grow their email list and sell their programs is from the stage.
  • Business newbies who are terrified to speak in front of groups, but know they need to start.
  • Seasoned-ish speakers who have a few gigs under their belt, but want their next talk to be FIRE.

In the words of my clients...

Korina Buehler

"I went on stage (still scared but equipped). Was it perfect? No. Was it epic? No. Did I die? NO!! Did I come off stage with newfound skills and confidence? HECK TO THE YES! Words cannot describe how amazing it felt."

Natalie Workman

"I was crippled with fear at the thought of speaking to a group, but Heather's framework allowed me to show up for my first talk with total self confidence in my ability to deliver. I have several more events lined up!"

Jacquie Elcox

"I've been speaking for years, but what I learned in your last masterclass was brand new for me! I now use the structure not only for presentations, but in everyday communication with my team." 

I'm Heather, your new #BusinessBestie, who'll be cheering you on as you become the version of you that steps up to the mic like you own the damn place.

Over the last 15 years I've given about a thousand talks on stages around the world. I've also taught hundreds of 7-figure entrepreneurs how to grow their business through more effective sales presentations.

The truth is, I still get nervous every time I speak, but I think nerves are a good thing. It means you that you don't take for granted the honor of others giving you their time.

When you show up for my training, I'll be nervous. But like I teach my students, show up and do it anyway. You'll see me put into action the same framework I'll teach you. Very meta.

So even if you just want to lurk and see how a pro gives a kick ass presentation... that's cool. I lurk sometimes too.

See you there!


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