Going live is scary. Let's get you started anyway.

Push past your fear of the camera, put self doubt to bed, and start showing up for your audience in a way that feels good...NOT scary.

ENROLL: Lights, Camera, Rockstar!

To Keep Growing, You Have to Keep Showing Up

The biggest problem facing online entrepreneurs isn’t figuring out the right offer or how to sell it. It’s getting past that head junk to actually get your message out there.

You don’t need crazy confidence or A-list celebrity publicity to get eyeballs on your biz.

And you most certainly don't need to spend hours trying to write the perfect caption to bring your ideas to life.

You just have to know how to communicate on video, which is a SKILL that can be learned.

I'll show you how.

The Secret Behind Hitting That Record Button

At some point, you said to yourself, “I’d like to start a business.” 

But did you also say, “I hope I get to use FB live, like, all the time..”?

My guess is no. But that's just part of growing an online business nowadays. #realtalk

You know it. I know it.

In fact, most people know the key to getting out there is to step up onto virtual stages like FB lives + IG stories). And of the few who do brave it... most never go live more than once.

It’s scary to put yourself out there like that! Not to mention, friggin hard to stay consistent on top of all the other hats you’re wearing in your business (plus pandemic homeschooling your kids).

Let’s change that.

The video part. I can't help you with the school thing ;)

There’s no shortage of people telling you just how important video is to your growth.

Do IGTV! Go live on Facebook! Try this new live streaming service so you’re everywhere at once!

You’ve been hit over the head with it. (Admittedly, probably some from me.)

But what if you could move past knowing it’s important...to actually doing it?

Even if you’re scared shitless, feel like you have no time, and have no clue where to start.

That's what I want to help you do.


Enter Lights, Camera, ROCKSTAR.

Not another off the shelf digital course, this program was designed to get your tush on camera!

Get ready to say buy-bye to camera fright and embrace live streams + direct to camera stories.

You'll get immediate access when you enroll, I’ll show you a simple, proven process to help you get your message out there starting with FB lives and IG stories.

YES! Show me the details!

Let’s get your face out there. Together.

As someone whose business is all about public speaking, I’ve had to make a major shift in what a stage actually looks like.

But it’s not the first time I’ve had to do this.

In fact, I never planned on being an entrepreneur in the first place.

I started out like a lot of people-- in corporate. But as the years went on, it started to take its toll on me. I started a family but was also traveling for speaking gigs more than ever.

I knew there had to be something different. Something that allowed me to be the mom and the changemaker I wanted to be. 

I pivoted and started my business as a speaking coach for online an entrepreneurs. 

And I’ve learned that to be successful online, you can’t just create an offer and get eyeballs on it. You have to get eyeballs on you.

Which is why I created Lights, Camera, Rockstar! In this training, I walk you through my process for going live, sharing on IG, and most of all...getting past that need to be perfect so you can just hit “GO” and share your message consistently.


What fear is really costing you.

 See if this sounds familiar:

You’re working to grow your online presence. Maybe you've dabbled with Instragram or Facebook posts, considering whether or not your should build a YouTube channel, but... video.

You’ve got a message you want to share. Maybe not on some Oprah-sized stage or anything crazy. But you know you want to help people.

And when it comes to sharing your videos you’re in one of two camps:

  • You record and never publish because you HATE the way you sound and/or look.
  • You occasionally go live or whatever BUT you’re more of a “post + ghost.” 

Either way, you’re not getting the traction you need in your business. And you know consistent video content could get you there.


This is the moment where you ask the direct question:

Will you continue to let fear silence your message? 

Because the truth is, your audience doesn’t care about your built-in microphone or your constant (weird) references to Joey from Friends (I mean, I like them!). They care about how you can help them!

And there’s no better way than through video.

 No platform is too small. If you have any desire to create content so you can sell programs or products... you’ve got to start getting comfortable with taking your message and putting it out there.

It all starts with facing the fears that are holding you back from actually uploading videos, going live, or sharing on the 'gram. 

That’s why I created Lights, Camera, Rockstar.

This workshop is a way for you to face those fears. Create a plan of attack. And start showing up in a way that grows trust in yourself and your business.

This workshop is about you investing in your voice. Your confidence. Your message.

With Lights, Camera, ROCKSTAR Workshop you'll...

  • Get past your head junk and just hit the GO button already
  • Decide which platform is best for your business
  • Create a schedule to successfully show up w/ consistency on social
  • Design your live + recording ritual to help you gain confidence
  • Gain the basic tech knowledge you need to get started
  • Be able to get your questions answered live

*What you won't get? Overwhelming tech lists and hundreds of templated prompts you'll never use*

In other words, this workshop is for you if:

  • You want to finally get started on video using live streams and stories
  • The thought of video brings on sweaty palms and/or hives
  • You’re committed to doing it, anyway.




  • 2 Hour pre-recorded workshop sectioned out for you into 6 lessons
  • Quick Start Action Workbook
  • Content Calendar Google Sheet Template
  • The Before, During & After Camera Ready Checklist
  • Video tutorials for Instagram Stories & Live Streams
  • Getting Started Tech Lists
  • 30 Days of Content Prompts 

What other rock stars are saying

"When I first found Heather, I knew I wanted to be able to show up on video to reach my people and inspire others, but I was so nervous about speaking, let alone recording myself on camera. Lights Camera Rockstar gave me to tools and the confidence to build tiny, sustainable habits that have catapulted me into the world of showing up online—IG stories, Facebooks Lives, and finally having the confidence to record a 3-part video series for a launch!"

Serena Shoup

"I got way more than what I paid for purchasing this workshop! This training is one that I come back to again and again. Since watching this workshop, I'm way more visible on Instagram and Facebook, which have led to a deeper connection with my audience. Showing up on social media live has helped me land over 4 telesummit opportunities and hundreds of new email subscribers!"  

Tori Autumn

"More than just your average workshop! Most workshops I’ve attended are filled with interesting information, but Heather’s teaching style is different. She taught me actionable strategies that I could apply to my business immediately. I was left feeling inspired and excited apply these principles in my social media videos for my biz." 

Milan Kowalewski

"For me, there wasn't a choice. At some point, I was either going to make a decision to always sit in the shadows and never actually participate or I was going to really lean in, take it seriously, and not cop out of the opportunity that was in front of me just because I didn't know how to do it and I was scared of it.  I'm so thankful I chose to lean in."

Natalie Workman

Over 90% of online entrepreneurs want to use video to get their message out there.

But without a plan, most never will. This training (which you'll have INSTANT access to) is a way to kick start showing up and standing out in your niche.

Not only will you learn how to go live. You’ll be able to hit the ground running with confidence, knowing you’ve got a roadmap to success.

And you’ll have a speaking coach with 10 years of virtual stage experience to walk you through the process.

Your Questions Answered... 

Join the community of online entrepreneurs who have worked with me, and become a video rockstar!


Disclaimer: Heather Sager or this training are in no way affiliated with or endorsed Instagram or Facebook, LLC.