Master The Nuts & Bolts Of Communicating — No Matter Where You Gotta Show Up.

If every time you’ve thought to yourself, “I want to put myself out there!” and then *immediately* followed it up with…
  • “I need to nail my messaging first.”
  • “I’m just not good on video *OR* on a stage.”
  • “I don’t know how to connect the dots and tell a good story.”
  • “I hate the sound of my own voice.”
  • “I don’t have enough content of value that’s worth sharing.”

Here’s what you need to know about communicating with *any* audience:

Sure, some folks are naturally good speakers. But MAGNETIC ones? 

They start just where you are: willing to get visible and READY to prep, practice, and flex that muscle to train it well. 

Most importantly, they quickly realize that trying to get it all *perfect* or putting it off is time wasted… And that unlike most things in our business, speaking is the ONE skill that can’t be outsourced. 

There’s no “easy”  button, no swipe file or template that will give you a standing ovation. 

But having access to a pro speaking coach *and* the right space to practice, dive deeper, and gain clarity can help you become a better communicator on your terms.

“From 1 coaching client to 17 and $40,000 in sales. How?? Heather's Group Coaching Program!”

When I joined Heather’s program, I had one coaching client and my photography business was doing great — it was basically running on autopilot. But I was focused on growing my coaching business on the side and knew I needed to get comfortable speaking on camera. I was scared to death of Instagram Lives and would record everything! 

Within one week of joining the program, I was doing live video (now it’s one of my favorite things) and over time I completely restructured my signature offer and my webinar. Now, I have 17 coaching clients. Just last month I brought in $40,000 in sales, and booked eight coaching calls in eight days! How? It's all because I showed up consistently and I made sure that I was showing up on camera with my face. If you know that showing up consistently takes time but pays off, you’re a perfect fit for working with Heather and the team.

— Tracy Lynn
Boudoir Photographer & Coach


Consider me your Messaging Marathon trainer to help you build the confidence to step onto any platform…  And the resilience to keep on doing it.

Make no mistake, though: you’re already an expert at what you do. 

You’re not into schmucky or sleazy tactics, and you got to where you are by putting your audience, your purpose, and your heart forward. Which is exactly why we need more of it out there.

The next step to bringing in more aligned clients, growing your community, sharing your purpose, and crafting your message starts with accepting your call into the spotlight — and I’ve got the training and support to help make it all a little less sweaty, a little less scripted, and a whole lot more “whoa, that sounded GOOD!”.

→ My new signature program– The Speaker Society, is the easiest, fastest, and MOST effective way to get started on working towards your business and speaking goals ASAP. 

In-depth training? Live coaching? Practice sessions? Ongoing feedback? It’s got all of that and some — so park the procrastination at the door and hop into the most authentic corner of the internet, The Speaker Society.

“Heather's program is like an MBA! More experience, connection, and getting out of your head.”

Speaking has always been my strength, but not when I’m put in the spotlight or in front of a camera. Being a woman of color in the yoga world (after a decade in corporate) where things are watered down, it's hard to stay strong in your voice and hold my truth; you have to meet people where they are to bring them closer to theirs. That’s why I joined Heather’s program, is truly like an MBA: you’ll get more experience in a shorter amount of time with speaking, being put on the spot, finding the words to connect with people, and finally getting out of your head. It really pushes me to be a go-getter in that limited time of time with healthy pressure; without being complacent and getting in your cave and meditating. I wanted to reach more people and balance that so I’m more present for the people I serve and preach what I practice… And thanks to the program, I have a method to the madness in Heather’s frameworks and I speak up more often than I ever did before!

— Nisha Kunder
Leadership Coach

“I can finally show up in this noisy world called the internet and claim a nook in the corner for myself!”

As a podcaster and marketer, I’ve always been able to laser focus and see messaging so easily. But when you’re so close to your own stuff, it just doesn’t happen! I used to feel like everything sounded great in my head, but then I would stumble over my words when I spoke. I joined Heather’s program because I wanted people to clearly understand what I did and really get to know me — and showing up consistently as a podcaster was taking a lot more time and energy than I had. 

So much has shifted for me since I started — it’s allowed me to be able to show up in this noisy world called the internet and have a little nook in the corner where people know what my brand is about, who I am as a person and be able to communicate through my messaging how I can help them. Heather truly helps you get more comfortable, confident, and clear on sharing your ideas and structuring them… And helps you see that what you have to say really matters.

— Milan Kowalewski
Online Marketing Strategist & Podcast Host

P.S. Want my team and I to take the work off your plate?

I’ve joined forces with the incredible Emily Hall to launch The Speaker Co to expand my coaching business. So now in addition to the amazing group program, podcasts and courses I offer, you have access to Done-With-You and Done-For-You Services!

Learn more about working with our agency →
“Yes, yes, YES to Heather!”

She helped me prep for one of my biggest and most impactful speaking gigs to date. Heather was the ultimate Hype Girl—she finessed the way I verbally tell my stories (I'm better at writing!), tightened up my posture, and made my whole talk just so much better. I'm so grateful I got the chance to work with her.

— Tarzan Kay
Email Marketing Expert

“One opportunity can catapult you from staying small to playing on a bigger stage. Heather prepped me so that I never doubted that I was worthy or capable of that, not for one second.”

The second a life-changing speaking opportunity unexpectedly landed in my lap, I had three thoughts. One: ‘I should have said no. I’m not ready for this. I don’t deserve this.’ Two: ‘I’ve never given a keynote or spoke on stage solo in my entire life, and now I have to deliver one to close a huge conference, in a matter of months, in front of thousands of people.’ Three: ‘I need to hire Heather!’ And thank GOD I did. 

Heather extracted the best stories, content, and frameworks that I was overcomplicating in my head and helped me turn them into the biggest moment of my career so far! I never understood the impact of a well-crafted, powerful signature talk that meets your audience where they’re at until I worked with her.

From the second I wrapped up my talk, my inbox has been flooded with *more* speaking opportunities, sales, a full pipeline of clients, and thousands of new subscribers for months on end — it makes me want to do it again, and again. One opportunity can truly help you see that you are worthy of playing on a bigger stage, and Heather made sure I never doubted that I was capable of that for a second. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I gave into fear and said no, or tried to do it all on my own without her pushing me to make it more impactful and engaging than I knew could ever be possible. I’ll credit her with helping me fall in love with speaking — forever!

— Zafira Rajan
Copywriter, Brand Strategist & Course Creator

“Heather took my story and turned it into solid Hollywood-movie GOLD.”

I worked with Heather Sager on crafting a webinar for the launch of my signature program. What I was expecting out of it was a well thought out webinar that would catch the interest of new members and get them to watch until the end… But what I got was SO much more than that!

Heather helped me curate my brand story so that it had a solid hook, a climactic moment, and a beautiful transition to relate my story to those watching the training. She understands how to get watchers invested in a genuine and empathetic way. As a result, I now have a timeless brand story I have now repurposed not just for that webinar, but for webinars for other launches as well as when I’ve guest spoken inside other people’s groups. 

She also taught me how to set the “stage” when people first sign on to a training. Because she’s spoken on hundreds of stages, big and small, she brings a level of expertise and class that is incomparable. Her approach to teaching and selling doesn’t feel slimy, which is why I felt confident and comfortable teaching and selling throughout all of my trainings! Now, my webinars consistently convert at about 17% every damn time and I have a riveting story I can repurpose over and over again. Working with Heather is the gift that keeps on giving!

— Aggie Burnett
Founder of AB Creative NYC


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