Speak. Connect. Transform.

This is about delivering a great talk. And strategically connecting it to building your business.

Does the word ‘visibility’ send shivers down your spine? 

You want a long pipeline of clients and paying customers. 

So you spend hours on Instagram posts and opt-ins and putting out content to build that list of potential leads. Maybe you’re even spending money on Facebook ads. 

But you’ve procrastinated your little heart out when it comes to putting yourself out there. You know, in a way that actually connects with people. The real you, unhidden, out there on camera, on podcasts and on the stage. 

When it comes down to it, you know that it’s your voice and your personality is what will really attract the right people to you and create a memorable experience. 

The experience of you can be transformational to people because what you say and how you say it can make them take action that maybe...just maybe... just change their lives.

Get ready to step into the spotlight.

But don’t sweat it. 

I’m here to give you the tools and skills to communicate and speak in live settings in a way that attracts the right customers, increases sales and creates an irresistible brand. 

I know what you’re thinking: 

“I’m not a terrible communicator, I manage to get through my presentations.”

“No way, I  could never get up on stage in front of anyone.”

“I think I’ll just keep playing it safe and stick to blogging.”

I hate to break it to you. 

But becoming a more influential speaker and being able to communicate exceptionally well on Facebook lives, in group workshops, on podcasts and on stage  is how you build relationships and uplevel your business. 

Running a personal brand-based business means presenting. 

And to get good at it takes preparation and practice. It’s a muscle that must be trained properly to work well when you need it.

Why not start your training today?

Options for Working With Me

1:1 Coaching

If you have a big talk coming up, this is your lifesaver. Whether it's in 1 week or 3 months, I'll help you create and deliver a magnetic presentation that grows your business. 

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Virtual Programs

This high demand 12 month intensive blends online training with real time coaching. You will create a signature talk that you can use to grow your authority and your email list.

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Bring magnetic communication skills into your organization. I offer keynote presentations and workshops on communication and leadership.

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We’ll have a Joey and Chandler kind of relationship (BFF’s) if…

You’re a new entrepreneur building an audience

I’ll help you craft your message and be able to deliver it in a way that draws in all the right people.  

You’re a coach launching a new program

We’ll work on your presentation skills so that you can show up on podcasts and webinars and win all kinds of new clients.

You’re a leader who knows that how you interact with others is transformative

I can help you become a dynamic communicator so that every interaction in your business and personal life can spark a transformation.

You’re actively building an audience but it’s slow going. 

We’ll work together to amp up your ability and confidence so that you can get on a bigger stage - either a literal stage in front of hundreds or thousands, or a virtual stage coming through the phone screen of your ideal client. 

You want a speaking coach who’s also an experienced business leader

I have a breadth of knowledge and experience in how business works and build strategy into our work - so you’ll not only present exceptionally well, you’ll also present the right message.

You’re not afraid to jump on camera with me and practice. 

Just like Chandler supported Joey’s acting career, I’m going to support your business dreams by giving you tough criticism and gentle advice so you can speak with confidence and clarity anytime, anywhere.

So...what’s your next year going to look like?

You work with me

  • You’ve got the skills and confidence to wow any audience - large or small
  • You book out months worth of opportunities like podcasts, speaking events and webinars or FB Lives.
  • You get a ton of new client calls
  • Your revenue spikes. 

You DON’T work with me

  • You continue spending a ton of time of list-building the slow way
  • You lose income from prospects who don’t connect with your brand
  • You lose sleep worrying about how to find enough clients to pay the bills next month
  • You make your competitors really happy

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