Hey there, I’m Heather Sager.

I help bring brands to life with
magnetic communication.

When you become more intentional with how you engage others through your words, tone, body language and presence.... relationships just come easier. 

Trust me. I found out the hard way.  

I was born with a rare bone condition that’s left me with more broken bones over the years than I can count … but worst of all... the tiny bones in my ears don’t work like they used to. I started losing my hearing in my twenties and struggled to follow conversations and connect with others. I shied away from new relationships, lost my confidence and turned inward. 

The good news: I developed a new superpower. 

I got really good at reading people by their body language, gestures, tone and facial expressions. I realized how vital these things are to communication. 

The other good news: I eventually got technology to help with my hearing, and I became a communication coach helping people learn the power of speaking with body and voice. 

Before starting my own business, I spent 10 years in the healthcare field teaching medical professionals how to create remarkable patient experiences and grow their private practices through exceptional communication.

Through it all, I've spoken on more stages that I can count, delivering close to 1000 talks to audiences of 2 to 2000.  

Now, I teach people like you - entrepreneurs, brand based businesses, coaches and leaders - to:

  • become more visible
  • connect with your ideal audience 
  • become an authority in your niche
  • elevate your income

All through the power of magnetic communications and exceptional speaking skills! 

My personal philosophy is that if you want to show up as your best with others, you first have to become your best. That means not living completely to work, but taking care of yourself and having a heck of a lot of fun. For me that means...

  • I’m a runner
  • I love to cook
  • I quote Friends on the daily
  • I have 2 adorable boys under 5 and a stud muffin husband
  • I travel as much as I can
  • I left my fancy-pants corner office job to create a life I love with more time for people I love

 With my clients I’m the coach, the cheerleader, and sometimes the Simon Cowell who...

  • helps you clarify your message
  • ensures it aligns with meaningful business goals
  • teaches you how to engage your audience with confidence and keep their attention
  • gives you the tools to manage your nerves and deliver your message with authority
  • watches as you gain influence and a bigger audience and become a superstar

What’s it like to work with me?

It’s fun. I’ve got some stories. Let’s chat and I’ll tell you one. And we’ll also talk about how I can help you attract more of the people you want to serve and build better relationships with them.

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