Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

Energy Bank Account

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: Energy Bank Account

Energy Bank Account - Ep #85

This week's Monday Motivator we're going to continue the conversation about energy and talk about funding and managing your Energy Bank Account. 

All of us have them — most are depleted. Tune in for insights to help you become more aware and keep track of your energy level to re-center so that you can perform at your best and step into a thought leader in your industry.

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Well, hey, friend, welcome back to another Monday Motivator episode. Last week, we talked about bringing intentional energy into different situations. This week, we're going to continue the conversation...

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Why You Should Create a New Vision Board NOW with Chant'l Martin - Ep #84

Today we talk about how to get re-inspired and fully commit to your goals (especially after this last year). You'll hear from my Speak Up to Level Up member Chant'l Martin, a vision board coach and instructor.

Listen in to learn how to create a vision board that actually works and can help you stau motivated and in action.

In this episode we’ll dive into…

  • Do vision boards actually make a difference?
  • Specific steps to help you create a vision board that actually works
  • Unexpected tips to maximize your vision board effectiveness
  • What to do once you've created a vision board (ie daily habits)
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About My Guest, Chant'l Martin

Chant'l is the founder of Thrive Lounge, an online community that helps over 150K women annually to uncomplicate their goals, stop making excuses, and achieve their dreams. Her passion is to revolutionize the way women think about their future through this supportive community where women can dream...

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Your Energy Determines Your Experience - Ep #83

Our energy determines our experience. You really have to be intentional for the kind of energy you bring into the week in order for you to show up with influence, purpose and magnetism on social media platforms, your community, audience, family and for yourself.

In today’s episode,  I'll share a few insights and talk about how you can ensure that you have better energy to get the outcomes and the experiences you want specifically how do you bring the right energy and the right intention to different kinds of situations whether personal or for your business.

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HEY! Are you an online entrepreneur ready to nail your message on podcasts, live streams and other virtual stages? Join me on my FREE training: How to Fill Your Programs Through Speaking WITHOUT Needing a Big Audience or Second Guessing What You Say



Full Episode Transcript

Heather Sager  2:01  ...

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How to Create Trust by Setting and Communicating your Boundaries - Ep #82

The term “boundaries” has become common vernacular in the entrepreneurial world, but its meaning and implementation often get muddy. “Boundaries” are often declared at a breaking point of resentment and frustration when client communication steamrolls the schedule for far too long, resulting in a highly uncomfortable (and often avoided) conversation.

In today's episode, you’ll learn how to have this conversation confidently. We’ll discuss not only how to set boundaries that work for your life and business (and why you should have them in place), but more importantly how to communicate them in a way that builds client trust.

In this episode, we'll dive into...

  • what are boundaries and why we need to set them
  • how to be explicitly clear with your boundaries
  • how to be a stronger leader and communicate your boundaries in a way that influences other people for good
  • how to reinforce your boundaries in a proactive and positive way
  • real-life...
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How Improving Her Speaking Helped this Realtor Better Serve with Her Clients with Paige Schulte - Ep #81

I'm joined this week by a real estate specialist, entrepreneur, podcast host and Speak Up to Level Up member, Paige Schulte. In this conversation she shares her unique perspective for how speaking has played out in both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) worlds.

We also talk around how speaking can help be an accelerant for your business not only to get exposure but more so how can we be more intentional around all of the micro opportunities that are around us every day whether it's in a service-based business or a coaching business and looking for the opportunities to practice and get more confident.

In this episode we dive into...

  • The importance of practicing and using stronger language on Instagram stories and live streams
  • What happens when you approach one-on-one meetings and sales presentations like mini speeches
  • How to leveraging Clubhouse to test the waters in speaking and position yourself as an expert
  • Managing filler words, boundaries… and so...
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3 Questions to Ask Before Seeking Media Opportunities for Your Business - Ep #80

Before jumping on the PR/Media blitz train that promises piles of leads, exposure and the coveted “AS SEEN ON” section for your website, slow down and set your strategy.  In this episode, I’m sharing 3 essential questions to consider BEFORE chasing media opportunities.

Ensure the energy and effort you're putting into growing your online business is pointed at the things that matter to you and will get you the results you’re after. So if you have ever asked the question: do I really need those “as seen on” logos on my website? Or “does being featured on TV or publications actually drive sales?”, this episode is for you.

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HEY! Are you an online entrepreneur ready to nail your message on podcasts, live streams and other virtual stages? Join me on my FREE training: How to Fill Your Programs Through Speaking WITHOUT Needing a Big Audience or Second Guessing What You Say


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6 Tips for Getting Started on YouTube with Expert Tasha Cochran - Ep #79

Recently my 6 year old has decided he wants to become a YouTuber.

He turns on an old flip cam he found in our junk drawer and talks to “his fans” about… randomness.

The other day he showed off a “cool trick” he did with a connect four game and said “give me a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe if you think that was super cool”.

To be clear… he does not actually have a YouTube channel, he just thinks all videos just magically appear on there.

Unlike my kindergartner, I’m still working on boarding the YouTube train, but I love the idea that my content can be searched and found when convenient to business owners who need it, and by just posting on social (or even hosting an audio podcast), I’m missing a big opportunity to serve.

So enter 2021 being the year I consistently show up on YouTube as my next virtual stage.

But since I’m a total novice on the platform, I brought in my friend, client YouTube go-to, Tasha Cochran...

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Should I script my videos with a teleprompter? - Ep #78

Should I script my videos? That's a question I hear often followed with…should I use a teleprompter? 

People think that there is just a yes or no, it's black and white, either your script or you totally go off the cuff and word vomit on video. We think that some people have this miraculous, natural talent for speaking off the cuff. But the truth is, they’re good because they’ve had experience.

Today, you’ll learn that there’s actually quite a gradient when it comes to scripting, you don’t have to choose one side. 

In this episode, I’ll share my take on teleprompters then walk you through five levels of scripting to help you find the best way for your current skill set, brand voice and personality.

LISTEN to the AUDIO of this episode:

In this episode we’ll dive into...

  • Understanding that not all video is the same and therefore requires different approaches
  • 5 levels of scripting, so you have more choices than off the cuff or...
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Do you need a biz bestie? The Power of Peer Masterminds - Ep #77

Grab a cup of coffee and get ready for chat with your new #bizbesties.  I’m joined today by two of my favorite women on the planet to talk about how building quality friendships online has been LIFE during this last year (hello social distancing zoom world). Our friendship turned into an organic mastermind which has fueled our creativity and business performance. 

They say your network determines your net worth (or something like that). We say, find your people who bring LIGHT into your world, keep you motivated and make you pee your pants laughing. The rest will just work out.

Meet Melanie Dyann Howe and Krystal Proffitt (which you may remember from episodes 36 and 34).

We created a pseudo peer mastermind in a very organic way that’s turned out to be an amazing business resource and today we’re sharing a casual conversation about making friends online with unsolicited advice and tips to help YOU create your crew of besties.

  • ...
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4 Ways to Use Story to Connect in your Marketing with Lindsay Rogers - Ep #76

It’s said that stories are 22 times more powerful than facts. That’s why so many speakers (myself included) use them to convey their messages from stages.  It’s my FAVORITE kind of on stage content which is why you’ll find many episodes dedicated the topic of storytelling like how to tell your signature story or ways to come up with story ideas and my best storytelling tips here.

But storytelling is also a powerful way to communicate beyond live presentation and video, especially when it comes to marketing your brand. That’s why I asked storytelling strategist Lindsay Yaw Rogers to come on the show to share how you can leverage stories in your marketing to connect with your audience in 4 unique ways you might not have considered. 



In this episode you’ll learn…

  • why storytelling hits both the logic and emotional chord.
  • the S.T.O.R.Y. acronym that will help you remember what to include in yours.
  • The most impactful way...
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